Expand Your Melbourne Living Space: Go Outdoors


When you think of outdoor living, what comes to mind? Do you think of spending your evenings relaxing around the firepit on your back porch, while reclining in your cosy outdoor sofa? Do you think of enjoying the mild weather, grilling your favourite cut of beef or fresh vegetables, and sipping cocktails with your friends? Outdoor living isn’t just an occasional pastime. It’s a type of lifestyle, one that every Melbourne resident should take the opportunity to enjoy.

A Range of Garden Furniture Options to Furnish Your Outdoor Space

Stylish outdoor living furniture is a practical way to transform your garden or patio into a virtual outdoor living room. Modern garden furniture is actually nothing more than outdoor dining room and living room furniture, used by homeowners all over Melbourne to transform their gardens or patios into an outdoor living room or outdoor family room. When furnished with modern, designer all-weather outdoor lounges and sofa sets, complete with your selection of a range of patio umbrellas, your entire garden area can be an extension of your home living space where you can relax and entertain outdoors in style all year long.

Cosy Sofas and Modulars, Outside?

The Melbourne outdoors isn’t exactly the most friendly environment for furniture like a sofa. The moisture, weather, and UV radiation from the sun can wreak havoc on furniture. You love lounging in a comfortable sofa, and you enjoy sharing a modular sofa with your friends and family as you engage in stimulating conversation, so why not do it outdoors? Outdoor sofas and modular sofa sets are hand woven in an artificial resin cane that is textured to simulate the look and feel of real wicker. They are completely weatherproof and resistant to damage from UV radiation, covering framework that is constructed of lightweight aluminium for strength and corrosion resistance. Well-made outdoor sofas in Melbourne are suitable for outdoor use with minimal cover or shading, but it’s recommended that you store them under protective covering when they are not in use.

Comfortable Deep-Seat Wicker Chairs

What could be more suitable for hosting afternoon tea on your back porch than a set of deep and inviting outdoor sofa chairs arranged around a matching table? Outdoor deep-seat chairs are hand woven in the same artificial resin wicker that is used in outdoor sofas. The simulated wicker is textured to mimic natural wicker, and it is also UV stable and completely weatherproof. Similar to the outdoor sofa, the deep-seat chair frames are constructed of light but durable and rust-free aluminium. They are suggested for use anywhere outdoors in any weather, but they should be protected when not in use for an extended period of time.

Visit Your Outdoor Living Furniture Dealer to See Your Options

When it comes to choosing a set of outdoor living furniture, nothing beats getting out to a showroom so you can sit down and try out the furniture as you browse. Take your time perusing more than 50 different furniture settings that are displayed 7 days per week. Mix and match your selections from a range of exclusive outdoor furniture, umbrellas, giftware, and BBQs.

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