Everything You Need To Know About HVAC Apps


Your knowledge as an HVAC technician is astounding, but could use some assistance. Technology allows the technician to have some helpful information and tools at your fingertips. Simply by downloading apps to your phone or tablet, then you can have a few HVAC apps that will help you to find the right solution. The best HVAC apps help you to diagnose and problem solve.

HVAC technicians are already responsible for many parts to making a building become more comfortable. Businesses rely on HVAC technicians so that they can present a better business.

If you don’t already have these apps on your phone you may find that you want to add them. Below we share all that you need to know about the HVAC apps on your phone.

  1. HVAC Buddy

This app is meant to make your job easier. Most will have downloaded this app by the time they have completed their certification. With this app you can determine the settings for refrigeration. This app is worth the $9.99 charge. You will be able to do the following:

  • Delta-T/Airflow/TEET calculation
  • IP or SI capabilities
  • Diagnosis of leaks and contaminants
  • Superheat and subcool tables
  • Email of system status
  1. HVAC Tech Terminology

For the technician who has a hard time remembering the terminology, do not worry as there is an app for that. For $2.99 you will have a dictionary, quizzes, flash cards, and over 700 terms.

  1. HVAC Check & Charge – iOS and Android

If you’re on the job and need an on-site refrigerant charge calculator, look no further than HVAC Check & Charge. This handy app allows HVAC contractors to correctly calculate a charge with one of the following calculators:

  • Airflow calculator
  • Subcooling calculator (TXV)
  • Superheat calculator (non TXV)

In using these calculators you will not waste time. You will be able to determine the correct charge and get any system set up quickly.

  1. Temp Chart

Becoming an efficient HVAC technician is key to saving time and making more money. This inexpensive app costs $0.99. You will be able to compare temperature to resistance and obtain the date for your project.

You will be able to know the application for:

  • Supported thermistors (10K type 2, 10K type 3, 20K, 100K, 2252, and 3K)
  • Supported RTD sensors (375 curve and 385 curve)
  1. iHandy Level

This app is a sleek looking tool. Make certain you have straight slopes, verticals, and angles. No more loading your belt with extra tools that weigh your body down. Downloading the app is much lighter and way more efficient. The cost is even better as this app is a free download.

  1. Refrigerant PressTemp HVAC

This app has common types of refrigerants. You can scroll on the type of refrigerant and read all the information needed. You will be able to see the readings in Celsius and Fahrenheit. This is a great deal costing $1.99

The app is updated frequently, but currently you can see the following refrigerants on this app: R-11, R-12, R-22, R-113, R-114, R-123, R-124, R-134a, R-176, R-218, R-227ea, R-236ea, R-236fa, R-245ca, R-245cb, R-E245fa1, R-290, R-400 (50-50), R-400(60-40), R-401a, R401b, R-402a, R-402b, R-404a, R-407c, R-408a, R409a, R-410a, R-414b, R-416a, R-417a, R-420A, R-500, R-502, R-507, R-601a, R-717, R-744, R-1270, R-13, R-13b1, R-21, R-23, R-32, R-115, and R-116.

  1. Carrier Enterprise HVAC Assist

This app is free and aims to make Carrier your go-to distributor. It shows availability of products, equipment models, and materials. You can view wiring diagrams and spec sheets in the library, however, it does have a tendency to crash.

This is great for the customers who do not know if their product is still under warranty. The technician can simply search the serial number and have the warranty and service history of the unit. There is also a PT calculator, which can come in handy.

Additionally, you will be able to find all of the Carrier stores’ phone numbers, hours of operation, and addresses. Occasionally they also share promotions. You can get prices in real time so now when you give a quote it is with certainty.

Lastly, this app includes a flashlight feature. This feature is perfect for when you are in dark spaces and need a light quickly.

  1. Contractor Estimating and Invoicing Tool by Joist

Every technician who is independent needs this app. This is a free app that you will use daily.

The app has multiple functions:

  • calculate an estimate on site
  • customize estimates and invoices
  • professional presentation
  • ability to attach photos of problems to show to clients or for showing before and after your work

Within this app you will have your labor rates, fees, and materials. You will be able to forward the invoice or estimate to the client’s email. If you have a small printer you can also print on the spot. Now your accounting can be done easily because this app is compatible with a few accounting programs.

There is an app for every project on your HVAC list. Only the best HVAC apps will do when it comes to getting the job done. When you fully utilize technology, you make your job easier. By simply using your smartphone or tablet you can find the right app that works for you. You will feel more confident and be able to make decisions while on the job. With you being more efficient, you will be of better service to your clients. Be the best HVAC technician on the job with the best tools and watch your profits and referrals soar! There is no need to wait, nor any need to wait for anything further. You can start downloading today!

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