Everything You Need To Know About Bathtub Enclosures


Bathtub enclosures are essential to keep your bathrooms free from water logging. They help in keeping the floors dry most of the time and makes regular cleaning an easy process. Sooner or later, every bathroom needs a renovation and the bathtub enclosure or wall surround is the best place to start with. They are sure to enhance your shower experience better by eliminating the water logging problem.

You can choose from plastic bathtub wall surround or solid materials like acrylic to make the wall surround sturdier and less prone to cracks. Depending on the material you choose, the cost of installing a wall surround will range anywhere from few hundred dollars to thousands.

Choosing a worthy wall surround for your bathtub

Shopping is fun, but it won’t be so if you have no clue of what to look for in a good bathtub wall enclosure. ABS or PVC panels are the most common type that most suppliers will show you when you start enquiring. The problem with these panels is that they are too thin and cannot be affixed on the wall without any additional support. Hence, it is recommended that you order for a material that is not flimsy but something like fiber glass which will sand rock solid for a long time come.

bathtub wall surround

Getting started with installation process

  • Before installing the wall surround, remove the faucet and sprout. They can be fixed into the wall on a later stage after fixing the wall surround. Be careful not to misplace the screws of the faucet and the pipe. Hold them in an ice tray to make it easier to replace them after the installation.
  • Remove the tiles. There are surrounds which cab fixed onto the tiles, but it is recommended that you remove the tiles so that the surface is flat enough for the surround to fit in perfectly.
  • The panels of the wall surround have to cut to the measure of the walls. In addition to the corners, holes have to be drilled at equal distance to nail the panels straight into the rear walls. This will ensure additional strength for the wall surround.
  • Some panels also come with adhesive materials on their behind. This makes the installation process easy and quicker. Spare yourself from the difficult process of hammering the nails. The adhesive materials are strong enough to last for a couple of years before they need to be replaced.
  • Once the panels are installed, make sure your waterproof the exposed area. Waterproofing will avoid the wall surround from becoming soggy or damp from constant exposure to moisture.
  • Give the enclosure a day or two to dry before you can start using it.

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