Everything You Should Know About Poggenpohl Kitchens


Looking to enhance the design of your kitchen? A kitchen is that important place in your home where you cook hygienic food for yourself and other members of the home. So, a kitchen needs to be well-organized so that a person could cook hygienic food for everyone. To do so, one should work to enhance the interiors of a kitchen. Cabinets are usually the important part of a kitchen that needs to be focused upon while designing the interiors of a kitchen. Cabinets provide kitchen a better way to store all the important groceries and utensils in a well-organized manner. There are many brands available in the market that is used for enhancing the interiors of a kitchen like Goldreif kitchens, Ritzenhoff kitchens, Poggenpohl kitchens, etc.

Among all the brands available to design interiors of a kitchen, Poggenpohl is the most popular kitchen brand. Poggenpohl is one of the quality kitchen brands since the year 1892. Presently, the brand is being used in more than 70 countries across the world. There are several reasons that why Poggenpohl is the best kitchen brand for you among all other kitchen brands. Explained below are the reasons for the popularity of Poggenpohl kitchens brand that may help you to choose this brand for designing the interiors of your kitchen.

Reasons why Poggenpohl Kitchen is most popular kitchen brand:

  1. Customization: Poggenpohl kitchen brand can fit any space or location. The base units of Poggenpohl are available in different heights, ranging from 39cm to approximately 78cm, wall unit heights may range from 39cm to 91cm, and tall unit heights may range from around 130cm to 221cm. Therefore, it can be customized to any size you want it to be.
  2. Coloring and finishing: There is a wide range of options for colors and finishes when one talks about Poggenpohl kitchens. Although Poggenpohl offers a wide range of colors and finishes, you can also customize the design by choosing color and finish of your own choice.
  3. Built to last: The quality that Poggenpohl brand offers is just beyond the imagination. Investing in a Poggepohl brand is just like any lifetime investment as its material is designed in such a way that it always lasts for the lifetime and offers the best experience for everyone.
  4. Enlarge your kitchen size: Poggenpohl makes it possible for you to enlarge the size of a kitchen as no matter what is the size of your kitchen, every single corner of your kitchen is utilized and the kitchen looks enlarged.
  5. Modern Appeal: Designing your Poggenpohl kitchens give a feel of modern appeal. It mainly puts emphasis on the wooden fronts that always look classy and warm. Wooden design never fades away from the trends and always gives a modern appeal.

Above-discussed points are the reasons why Poggenpohl kitchens are the most popular kitchen brand that is usually preferred by everyone to design the interiors of a kitchen. If you are looking for a designer that can be able to Design kitchen in Poggenpohl kitchen style, then consult designers at PluschLiving who are well-experienced in designing the customized kitchen designs.

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