Evaluating a Building’s Capability of Handling a Company’s Telecom Needs


There is no question of the importance of the Internet to business. Without being able to access the Internet, it could be difficult for many employees to look up information needed to complete their work. However, if your business is in an older building, you may need to upgrade the wiring to be able to have Internet access and to handle all of your telecom traffic.

Assessing Your Needs

An older building’s wiring may not be suitable for all of your company’s telecom needs, but the only way you will know that is to have it inspected. While it may be able to handle some of your needs, if you have several employees, it may not be capable of holding up to the amount of usage it will get. If you are evaluating a building in order to relocate your business, the first thing you need to do is hire an industrial electrician in Perth.

The electrician will evaluate the wiring and cabling in the building to see how much of a load they can handle, thus assessing whether the building is suitable for your needs. If they need to replace wiring or install cabling, the electrician can give your company an estimate for the cost of the job. This evaluation and estimate will help your company determine whether the building is a smart choice for their business.

Telecommunication Networks for Business

The telecommunication needs of a business can be quite extensive, especially in terms of the computer network. Since most businesses rely heavily on their computer network for accessing information for clients and their business as well as to communicate with colleagues, it is essential that a building’s wiring can hold up to the electrical demands of these computers and everything connected to them.

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In an office environment, there are usually printers that are connected to computers so that forms, letters and other documents can be selected and printed out. Printers and any other equipment attached to the computer network have to be included in the assessment because they add to the electrical load as well. Other equipment, such as copiers, will also be on the floor that may not be connected to the computer network, and their use will also increase the load on electrical wiring.

Replacing Wiring and Cabling

Once the electrician has evaluated the building’s wiring to find out if it can handle your business’ needs, he or she can design an electrical system that will be capable of handling all of your company’s telecom needs. With the design in hand, the next step would be to get the owner’s permission to change the wiring and to apply for permits from the local authorities to have the work done.

Upgrading the wiring can prevent the overload of the building’s electrical system, thus avoiding outages that could adversely affect your computer equipment. In addition, outages could lead to the loss of important information that could negatively impact your business. Updating the wiring and cabling is crucial to keep up with your business demands and to maintain the integrity of your IT system to ensure that your data is secure.

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