How to Estimate Your Skip Size


Estimating the volume of your waste is something of an art. There are some standard details that can help you, but it mostly takes experience. If you do not have a lot of experience with properly sizing skips, you have to rely on the expertise of others. They will help you choose the right skip for your project. When you are looking to hire a skip, you should choose a company that will tell you what size skip they think you need.

However, you shouldn’t take their word for it. After all, they are trying to rent a skip to you and have incentive to inflate the actual size of the skip you need. Therefore, you should take these options as guidelines for estimating skip size. Then you’ll be able to compare these to whatever someone tells you need. If they’re wildly different, you’re either estimating improperly or the company is inflating your needs.

Mini Skips               

These are the smallest skips, and are not much larger than a large rubbish bin. They are great if you are doing a deep cleaning of your home but don’t intend to throw away much furniture. Mini skips for hire are also the least expensive skips you can find. Such a factor makes them attractive to people who think they can cut down on their expenses by hiring the smallest possible skip. However, that’s not always the greatest choice since you might underestimate the job and ultimately need more than one skip.

A mini skip is great for cleaning, but if you’re going to be throwing out large items, you need at least a midi skip.

Midi Skips

Midi skips allow you to start throwing away appliances or furniture. You can probably clean out one office space or one small room in a midi skip. These are often the skips people choose for deep cleaning that involves throwing away a few appliances. Depending on how large the appliances are, a midi skip will work. However, if you are throwing away mattresses, large yard waste, or multiple large pieces of furniture, they will not all fit in a midi skip.

Builder’s Skip

A builder’s skip is usually the largest size that will fit comfortably in someone’s driveway. They are useful for dispensing of yard waste, cleaning out a home or a small office, and remodelling. Builder’s skips are called such since they are sized to be appropriate for builders who are renovating or remodelling different properties. You can throw away building materials, tree branches, refrigerators, and much more in your builder’s skip.

Roll-On Roll-Off Skip

These are the largest skips. They sometimes fit in a driveway if you have a long and straight driveway. Otherwise, you might need a permit to park it on the street. These skips are used to remodel entire homes or to add on rooms. They will allow you to throw away large amounts of rubbish without much hassle.

Whatever size skip you need, you should ask for a second opinion before you commit to renting one.


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