Estate Agents: What to Expect When Selling Your Home


Most of us know what estate agents are, but many don’t really know exactly what they do. Read on to find out how they can help to secure a sale for your property.


Have you any idea what your home is worth? If like myself, you’d struggle to put a correct estimate on the price, the only way of finding out is to have it valued by a professional. Kensal Rise estate agents offer free online valuations of your property, all you have to do is fill in a form and wait for their reply. If you are selling your home in North West London, it is best to deal with a local firm. They’ll have in-depth knowledge of the area and they won’t rely on online data for valuations.


To get the most for your property, you’ll need to find a competent, knowledgeable estate agent to sell your home. You should look for these qualities when assessing potential candidates:

  • Local Knowledge: A good estate agent will know everything there is to know about local surroundings, they’ll have information on crime rates, to the location of all the best schools.
  • Good Listener: Selling your home means listening carefully to buyers, once you know what they are looking for, you can provide for their preferences.
  • Success Rate: A quality estate agent will have a high success rate when it comes to selling property in your area.

Dealing with a professional estate agent is easy, they understand their role and they’ll do their utmost to attract potential buyers.












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