Essential Domestic Services you Simply Cannot Do Without


Running a family size home takes quite some organisation and every seasoned Australian homeowner would have a list of service companies to call on in the event of a need arising. These numbers would be safely stored on a smartphone or written somewhere in the kitchen and in the event of a burst water pipe or power failure, the call to the right company can be made. If you are new to the home management scene, here are just a few of the essential services you might need to call on at some time or another.

  • The Emergency Plumber – Plumbing emergencies have a habit of occurring during unsociable hours, which is why you need to source an emergency plumber who is both local and reliable. Whether you are in need of a plumber in Adelaide or Sydney, a localised Google search is the best way to source the right company and look for one that doesn’t have extortionate call out charges.
  • A Qualified Electrician – The electrical system in the average home is a complex network of cables, fuse boxes and relays and when something goes wrong, the best solution is to call up a qualified electrician. There are domestic service companies that offer plumbing and electrical services, which is very convenient for the customer and with mobile units who are on alert around the clock, someone will be there before you know it.
  • Roofing Contractor – The roof is a critical component of any structure and should the roof ever become compromised, water can enter the property and that will cause internal damage to both timber and plaster. All guttering should be regularly cleaned to avoid blockages and with a twice a year inspection of the entire roof, any issues will quickly be identified.
  • Appliance Repair – Any of your major kitchen appliances could go wrong at any time, which is why you should forge an alliance with a local appliance repair company. Whether a tumble dryer or a dishwashing machine, you will need speedy repairs, as without these essential items, things quickly build up at home. The first 12 months of a kitchen appliance’s life would be covered by warranty, but after that, you will have to foot the bill for any repairs and while some people wait until something goes wrong before calling in help, others prefer to take out an annual appliance care package and that could include all the major appliances in the home.
  • IT Support – If you were to suddenly lose your Internet connection at home, this could be a problem and with many small businesses running from home, IT support is critical. The telephone line could be cut by storm damage and in the event this happens, you should have a number to call.

Rather than wait until an emergency occurs, it is wiser to pre-source all of the above services and by storing the numbers in a safe place, you will be ready for anything.


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