Why You Should Enter A HVAC Service Agreement Today


The last thing you want to hear after installing a new HVAC system or getting major repairs on an existing one is more monthly bills. The truth is a contract with a HVAC maintenance service can save you tons of money on cooling & plumbing in the long-term. There are a few good reasons why this type of agreement is necessary.

A service agreement simply means that the HVAC company sends in a technician every so often to perform minor maintenance tasks to ensure that the unit runs as it should at all times.

Current Maintenance

There are a few minor tasks that you need to perform just before the new heating or cooling season begins. It’s easy to get wrapped up in family and work obligations and forget to perform the necessary maintenance. This in turn might mean ushering on the summer with a cooling system that doesn’t work or doesn’t perform as it should. A maintenance agreement with a service company means that you get proper reminders for maintenance. You are guaranteed a well functioning system every new season with no need to remember anything on your part.

Proper Documentation

There are few things more frustrating than finding out you unwittingly voided your warranty, or a prospective buyer won’t budge on the price of the home regardless of the top of the line HVAC system you installed. These are common issues if you don’t have proper documentation to prove the condition of your unit. With a service agreement, you don’t need to make any notes or keep receipts. Elite Heating, Cooling & Plumbing does all the compiling and record keeping for you.

Priority Service

HVAC technicians are notorious for showing up to repairs at their convenience. Getting your hands on a technician is especially frustrating during peak cooling or heating seasons. With a contract on the other hand, you are guaranteed first priority. You are assured a service or repair technician at your residence as soon as you make the call, regardless of how many other clients the technician has to see that day.

Long HVAC Life

Finally, it is an open secret that a well serviced and maintained HVAC system far outlives the repair-as-you go approach. In fact, you can prolong the life of the unit by up to half. You can save a huge amount of money in repairs or replacing the unit in the long-term.

A maintenance agreement with your HVAC company is necessary for all the above mentioned reasons. The best part is this service is very affordable especially considering the benefits you stand to gain from your contract.

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