Enjoy nature’s beauty this fall in Atlanta’s backyard


For most people, fall is one of the most beautiful seasons possible. This is because the air is crisp, the temperatures go down to a comfortable coolness, the humidity’s gone, and the leaves begin to turn. This makes almost all backyards look magical. Atlanta, though, has a very big backyard that has recently been opened to the public. If you’re not from the area, you might not have heard of Gibbs Gardens yet. It’s just one of the most beautiful places you can visit if you’re looking for some nature stroll, especially during fall.

What to expect. The Gibbs Gardens blend what’s best of both nature and manmade landscaping skills. Jim Gibbs and his landscaping team are actually renowned for their ability to design gardens which can still look rustic without compromising the comfort of the people who will be traversing the space. If you look at Gibbs Gardens, you’ll notice that the bridges, paths, and manmade ponds are so well incorporated, they look like they were actually sculpted by nature itself. The gardens are just so organically solid, the arrangements are not just aesthetically sound. They’re ecologically sound as well.

A safe haven. Most guests who frequent the Gibbs Gardens do so because they want to feel calm and safe. It’s a haven that’s just about an hour’s drive from the city, but it’s so different once you’re in the gardens that it feels like you have managed to escape all the stress. It’s a good place to visit when you feel like the world wants too much from you, and you just need a quiet place to think. During dry seasons, the pathways are accessible enough even to guests who are in wheelchairs. This is also a frequent sanctuary for individuals who are trying to recover from ailments. The scenery and the quietude helps them regain their energy. As they say, when you manage to heal yourself spiritually, your body follows suit.

Always an inspiration. It is not uncommon for visual artists, writers and even photographers to frequent Gibbs Gardens. It’s a “power place” for these artists because the designs of the gardens are artworks in themselves. These gardens were fruits of Jim Gibbs’ travels around the world. He designed these gardens out of pure passion for landscaping, and each bridge, reflecting pond, pathway, and collection of flora and fauna that you can see here is a reflection of his own love for gardening. This is probably why the gardens are so inspiring for artists. They can sense the love and the passion that went into designing, planning, and caring for the gardens.

How to get there. The Gibbs Gardens welcome any number of guests from Monday through Friday, from 8AM to 5PM. Frequent visitors are advised to avail of their 4 seasons pass as this is cheaper than paying $20 per entry. If you are traveling with a group, with children, or with senior citizens, you can take advantage of discounts as well. The gardens are located in between Interstate 575 and Georgia 400.

You don’t have travel far and out of the country to enjoy the amazing offerings of fall. Gibbs Gardens, quaintly located in North Georgia, is a perfect spot to enjoy nature’s beauty this fall.

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