Enhancing Your Company’s Security with Automatic Key Control


One of the greatest concerns for modern businesses is of course security. A study featured in the Financial Times in February 2014 shows that most managers are increasingly worried about theft and loss of sensitive materials than productivity.

As a business manager you appreciate that loss of important files or access to server rooms by unauthorized people can devastate your business.  Not only can such files land in the wrong hands but you may be faced with legal woes if a customer learns that someone accessed the server room and breached their privacy.

Key Control as a Solution

The most interesting thing about all this is the fact that the solution still lies in your key management.  All rooms in your premises have a lock and when the keys fall in the wrong hands then your goose is cooked. To avoid this, you need to handle the keys personally but then again this is logistically impossible.

This is where technology comes in. Through automatic key control systems; it is now possible to have all keys in one place under restricted watch. The system works by creating a culture of accountability where keys are stored in a state-of-the-art storage cabinet monitored electronically.

The Keyper storage cabinets will provide insight on who has the key and at what time. The key management system is able to track the key usage as opposed to outdated manual logs that can easily be manipulated by employees. To enhance safety guarantees, the cabinet can only be opened once the user is verified by the system controller.

When you consider the amount of sensitive materials you possess in your business premises this technology can indeed be called a Godsend. It is an ideal opportunity to remove the hassle off key control.  The automatic system also issues prompt alerts in case there is a breach.

Whoever was trying to access the keys will definitely be identified and this makes it easier to improve your company’s security. The beauty of this system is that only authorized personnel have access to the keys. If anyone else accesses the key, a permanent log entry is created and you will receive an email notification.

Electronic Key Control

Versatile System Options

Every business is unique and this is one consideration that any reliable key management system must take into consideration. Some of the features to accommodate unique needs include scalability, lot blocking, security photo capture, emergency key mapping, and multi-system networking among other features that will enhance the system.

Other Benefits

Other than security functions automatic key storage and control also offers convenience. Previously, one person had to be in control of the keys and a manual log had to be filled to help in auditing. However, this is no longer necessary because there is a control panel where all operations on the storage cabinet are monitored.

Every attempted operation will indicate on the LED panel in real-time and this makes it easier to monitor. You will also reduce lost hours by personnel trying to locate keys up if they are misplaced.  You can even customize your Keyper key control system to suit your company’s needs again enhancing efficiency in operations.

Well, this is the age of technological innovation and there is no reason not to capitalize on the same to enhance security in your company. Why take the risk?

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