Enhanced Heating Systems: Appraising Modern LPG Boilers for Your Home


Thousands upon thousands of Britons live off-grid with regard to their domestic power sources, particularly in East Cornwall and the surrounding rural regions. This means that their in-home fuel has to be supplied and delivered as opposed to simply running through the Local Transmission System.

On this subject, you must be familiar with the boons and banes of 21st century LPG boilers, particularly if your existing heating appliance has seen better days.

Expert LPG Boiler Analysis

When placed in juxtaposition to oil boilers, LPG mechanisms are substantially more environmentally friendly because they burn cleaner and discharge 21% fewer carbon emissions, but let’s take a closer look at the nuts and bolts of LPG systems:

  • A new LPG boiler can shrink your monthly energy budget by as much as 32%, which, as you know, can be a saving grace during the frosty winter seasons.
  • Boilers installed before 2012 typically function at a paltry efficiency level of 60%, while a state-of-the-art LPG mechanism can hit 92% or higher.
  • If the appliance being replaced is more than five years old and you are on mains gas, you can qualify for a lucrative installation grant through the ECO scheme.

To boot, the installation and connexion process is a piece of cake, with most fittings completed in a single afternoon.

Get the Ball Rolling

If you look up the experienced LPG boiler suppliers in East Cornwall and pop in on their website, you can request and receive a concrete price quote in less than a minute.

Then, you’ll be able to agree to a conveniently timed home visit with a trusted trader that carries a Gas Safe Register certification, so feel free to drop a line to your community technician forthwith.



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