Enhance the beauty of your room by installing beautiful wooden blinds


Blinds play a great role in determining the aesthetic appeal of each room of your house. It has been an integral part for both commercial as well as household spaces for long time. Blinds are not only easy to use and maintain but also look elegant at the same time. Especially the wooden blinds add that extra sophistication and definitely a class and style statement wherever they are placed. It also adds a warm glow and welcoming feel to a home. One of the main reasons that interior designers recommend window blinds as they are widely popular for its durability. If installed properly and with care, wooden blinds can last for a very long time.

There are a large variety of blinds to choose from – wooden venetian blinds, wooden mini blinds, wooden plantation shutters, wooden vertical blinds, wooden plantation shutters, wooden roller blinds, and bamboo roman blinds. Whatever style of window covering you choose for your home decor, it would depend upon your choice and preference. What requires worth mentioning is that if you have wooden furniture in your room; make sure that whatever color you choose matches with the existing furniture. Wooden window covering of particular color shade do not look great with furniture of particular shade hence try to choose the one that complements with your house or office furniture.

But as all the products have two sides, even these have their pros and cons. Let’s have a look on both the aspects related to these blinds:

wooden blinds


  • As we know that wood is an elegant material, hence it is very understood that it adds elegance and style to house décor, hence you need to choose the best window coverings.
  • Wooden blinds work well for privacy and they can filter light thus enlightening your room and giving you pleasure and comfort.
  • You need not to buy curtains, if you have decided to buy window coverings made of wood for adding aesthetic richness to your house.
  • Window covering made up of wood have a natural tendency to keep the space cool, so one can actually experience a cooling effect in the presence of wooden materials.

Things to Keep in Mind

  • Wooden blinds need to be handled with utmost care. Any mishandling can immediately break the slats.
  • If you need to keep your room dark during daytime hours, they do not darken the room. The slats do not fit that tightly together to keep out all light.
  • To ensure that your window wooden window covering last for a long time, you need to keep them lubricated at regular interval of time. Proper oiling and re-staining is required. So, this makes maintenance bit high for wooden slats.
  • This material should not be exposed to extreme climatic conditions. If placed in any humid space like kitchen or bathrooms can cause the slates to crack or ultimately break.
  • It requires a bit more care and maintenance compared to other materials. Regular dusting is required.

Wooden window blinds can be a bit expensive but it can add elegance and amplify the overall look of your home.

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