Eliminate Pet Odours with Professional Carpet Cleaning


It can be easy for your home to accumulate pet odours when you are only using a traditional vacuum cleaner. Pets, especially dogs and cats, often spend the majority of the day relaxing on the floor. This can contribute to discolouring and odour. The smell of a pet is usually more apparent in homes with carpet. This is why you need the help of a professional. A good carpet service can get stubborn odours and stains out of your carpet. Before you look at buying new flooring, try a professional cleaning.


The cleaning solution is often called a shampoo when it comes to carpets. This method simply uses water mixed with cleaning solution. This is run over the floor and then sucked back up into the carpet cleaning device. A rinse can also be done in many cases. This is like a bath for your carpet. The cleaning solution and water are circulated quickly so they do not sit on the floor and oversaturate it. When you ask for this method mention your situation.

  • Explain that you have pets or kids
  • Warn of allergies to specific chemicals or soaps
  • The age of your carpet


Many companies combine a steam cleaning with the shampoo or use scalding water. A steam clean can often be done on its own and it is very effective. This is a great option if you have children that spend a lot of time close to the floor. There are no cleaners involved. The steam lifts the stains extremely well and your house is left clear of odours. The water is heated up in the machine and applied to the floor with an attachment. Affordable carpet cleaning services in Halifax can make your carpets look brand new.

When it comes time to clean the carpets in your home, you may think that you need to buy new carpets instead. The stains may appear to be impossible to remove. You may even have tried to spot clean them. A professional grade cleaning solution or high temperature steam can solve the problem. You may be able to get a few more years out of your carpet, after all.



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