Electrical Wiring Color Code


In every country the way of using the color codes is of different. They recognize the wires by the color, shape and size. The same coding is not followed in every country. The electricians has to pass the exam, according to the state level in order to work in that particular state. In some countries the color of the wiring is only in two to three colors and in some other countries, they use multiple colors for specifying the details of that wire. The color of the wiring is described in specific to the state laws.

In residential area, they make use of single phase wiring system and in industrial areas, they make use of three phases. In this they make use of three wires of different colors with different operating voltages. Two wire system, for power, white color wire indicates neutral and black wire indicates hot. For light/leg, white color indicates neutral and black color indicates switched, for loop white color indicates hot and black color indicates switched. It’s not the case with every coding and they need to get the details of these particular to the area.

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In most of the countries they follow the international way of coding the wiring in developed countries like USA, UK and Australia they follow the standard way of wiring the circuit board. Earthing wires called ground wires are in a green color with a yellow strip on it, the neutral wire is in blue color, single phase live wires is in brown color, three phase wire is in brown, black and gray in color.

They also use different color codings for AC & DC supply. The wire coding is done to protect the people for getting electrical shocks and fire hazards. Working with the electrical equipments is easy if you now the wiring system. A single error in wiring the system may damage the product. The electrician was given this as the basic knowledge at the time of training. So they will not get confused in wiring the complex system in industrial and commercial areas. In wiring of the residential area is easy, but for industrial purpose you need the highly qualified electrician Balmain to analyze the facts and use the correct coding system.

In three wire system, three wires are arranged in the form of phase, neutral and earth. In order to get the identification of color coding wires are indicated with some characters like

  • B- Black
  • W-White
  • R-Red
  • G-Green
  • L- BLue
  • Y- Yellow
  • LG- Light Green
  • BR- Brown
  • OR- Orange
  • P- Pink
  • PU- Purple or Violet
  • GY- Gray
  • SB- Sky Blue
  • CH- Dark Brown
  • DG- Dark Green

The above indication helps you to identify the correct wiring system, at any range of light. It also the reduces the probability of getting confusion in connecting the wires.

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