Electrical System Renovation Ideas and Advice


The renovation of the electrical system may be sometimes required (for resale, for example). However, making an electrical renovation is a meticulous work that requires knowledge of the system perfectly; completely reflect its installation in advance of doing and how to use tools properly. Also, ask if in doubt, read guides or ask the assistance of a company for the refurbishment of the electrical system. Note that the professional meets the latest standards and especially performs a diagram of the establishment.


How to upgrade its electrical system

  • Make a plan for your renovation. You must develop each element (sockets, switches their places, the destination of the cables, the number of significant electric apparatus) in your home. This will avoid any disappointments.
  • Turn off electricity at home and proceed to the removal of old equipment in place. It is important, during this phase, the electricity does not.
  • Mark on the walls of your new seat switches, sockets, depending on the plan you created earlier.
  • Install junction boxes and have openings for nest outlets and ducts
  • Recap the created openings and pass the son in ducts
  • Perform the final phase: the connection. Connect son to your electrical panel (which will first be given to the grid)

It’ll just install switches and socket guards to give a character to your renovation.

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