Electric Radiators Vs Gas Heaters: Which One To Go For


Gas heaters or electric heaters? Which one would cater to your needs perfectly? Perhaps, this is something that almost all homeowners feel baffled about. Different owners have different things to say about the ‘right’ choice. However, the thing is, it all depends on various factors. They include the cost of electric and gas where you stay, the overall efficacy of your furnace, as well as the power consuming capacity of the heater that you will be using. And before you decide between a gas heater and an electric one, a basic comparative study might help you big time.

Types Of Electric Heaters

Even gas heaters and electric heaters come in various types and subtypes. If you choose to go for electric heating system, then you can choose between radiation heaters and convection heaters. High quality radiators come packed inside a fine envelope of glass. It allows releasing heat in the form of infrared radiation. Manufacturers design it in such a way that it can deflect the produced heat from the heater. The heat waves keep on moving in the air till they enter a body that absorbs heat. To put it simply, radiators are ideal for spot heating. Convection heaters, on the other hand, suit perfectly for enclosed spaces.

Types Of Gas Heaters 

You find domestic gas heaters in two different forms. The flued heaters, for example, are meant for permanent installation. To enjoy maximum fuel efficiency from these heaters, you have to keep it in the right height. On the other hand, you can also choose a flueless or vent-free heater. They are ideal for rooms having proper ventilation system. But then again, it might not warm the rooms evenly.

Why Real People Like Electric Heaters

There are a lot of people who prefer electronic heaters to that of gas ones. They have plenty of reasons to love it. Those having a concern for conserving fossil fuels definitely prefer electric heating to anything else. Apart from the green question, electric devices help avoid the pungent smell that typically accompanies gas heaters. Also, devices powered by fossil fuels consume the oxygen in the rooms.  A number of users have also complained that gas heaters do not allow for proper air circulation inside the rooms. Moreover, a number of users point that electric heaters are relatively easy to use than that of a gas heater. Installing an electronic heater is quite easy and economic, as well.

Why Some People Prefer Gas

A number of homeowners are of the opinion that gas heaters are a cost efficient option. This is because, gas is comparatively cheap than electricity. In fact, people who need to keep the heater on for round the clock, or longer hours have experienced that it is more economical to use a gas heater. To make the long story short, both electric heaters and gas heating systems have their own sets of pros and cons. It would ultimately depend on your personal need. This again, depends on the climate of the place where you live.

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