Easy Ways To Get A Workout In The Pool


According to a pool remodeling company, when summer’s temperatures reach the stratosphere, working out in the elements can be a drag. However, if you own or have access to a pool, try exercising in the cold water. You can get an excellent workout in the pool with very little equipment needed. And, pool workouts can help you burn more calories than land workouts.

Let’s look at the benefits of working out in the pool and what equipment you might need.

Why Workout in the Pool?

One of the great aspects to pool workouts is that it provides excellent resistance training without being hard on your joints. Many health experts recommend resistance training for people who want to build strength and muscle. Also, working out in the pool helps to develop your balance and strengthens your cardiovascular system. Lastly, working out in a pool is much more fun than being in a stuffy gym, especially in the summer.

Now that we’ve convinced you to put on your swimsuit and jump in for a workout let’s look at some of the accessories you might want to take with you.


Most of us played with pool noodles when we were kids, but you may not realize that the humble pool noodle is also a great workout tool. Here are a few exercises you can do with the noodle.

The Noodle Plank is like the traditional plank exercise you do on land, but with a twist. Take the noodle in front of you and stretch out so that your body is straight, making sure your toes are touching the bottom. Hold this pose until you can’t anymore. This is a great way to do the plank exercise because the water helps to give you bit more support, which allows you to hold the pose longer, thus giving you a better workout.

Water Weights

Water weights differ from their gym counterparts in that they’re not made of iron, but rather, inflatable foam and use the resistance of the water rather than the weight of the plate. What’s neat about water weights is that you can do virtually any exercise you can do with traditional weights such as curls, shrugs, and rows.

No Equipment Needed

So, let’s say you’re green when it comes to pool exercise and you don’t have any equipment. Well, that’s not a problem because there are a variety of exercises you can do just using your own body. For example, you can do scissor kicks by hanging on to the side of the pool deck and kick. This is a great cardio workout and will strengthen your legs and back.

You can also try a knee tuck, which is an excellent workout for your abs. To do this, jump out and bring your arms to your chest. Lastly, you can try jogging or doing jumping jacks in the pool. The benefit of doing these land exercises in the pool is that the resistance of the water gives you a better workout.

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