Drain Cameras Identify Obstructions and Leaks in Drains


Plumbers see just about everything when it comes to blockages in pipes. Today, they can probe even further with the use of a drain pipe inspection camera. This type of technology makes it possible to identify a blockage promptly without any undue disruption to the premises.

No Need to Dig up a Yard

That is because the drain camera is guided down a drain pipe or sewer line. As the camera is guided, the plumber views a monitor. In turn, just as a surgeon does, a plumber can identify and diagnose problems. By using this form of equipment, plumbing contractors do not have to tear up yards, which also saves customers a great deal of money. If a problem is located, any dig-out and replacement is made just that much easier. Plus, this type of technology makes it easy for plumbers to solve issues with a sewer line or septic tank.

Camera Feedback

When the camera is used, it is attached to a cable. The camera also holds a radio transmitter and employs infrared illumination to light the inside of a pipe. Therefore, a camera that is used for identifying blocked drains in Melbourne can provide the following feedback:

  • The visual identification of the break
  • The current condition of the line
  • The progression of the pipe and line
  • The location of the drain line
  • The location of the blockage

Diagnoses Made Easier

The camera also sends feedback about the drain material and its condition. The plumber can also see if the blockage is in just one location or if the entire line needs replacement. In addition, he or she can determine the significance of the break.

A Safer Approach

Whilst cameras are normally used to identify blockages in drains, they also can be used during house inspections to make sure that the sewer line is in good repair. This type of technology makes it possible for a plumber to provide solutions quickly and accurately. Plus, this type of measure also adds to the safety of the repair.

When a camera is used, there is no need to dig or cut into a wall. Therefore, an inspection camera is a non-invasive method for making a diagnosis. There is no need to annihilate a bathroom or kitchen to determine the reason for a blockage.

Save Money on Unanticipated Repairs

Plus, it is better to confirm an issue before it gets worse. If you don’t have a blockage, the camera can still be used to determine if your pipes have any leaks. As a result, a camera can be a great help for any homeowner who wishes to save money on unexpected repairs.

Schedule a Video Inspection to Assess Your Pipes

Therefore, if you suspect that you may have a leak, you want to schedule a video inspection of your plumbing line. By taking this kind of measure, you can prevent a major flood from happening. Whether you want to prevent a backup or a flood, this type of device is certainly a boon to the property owner and plumber alike. This added advantage, again, can save you thousands of dollars on unexpected plumbing repairs or upgrades.

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