Don’t Let Ice Dams Damage Your Roof


Ice dams have been reported to cause serious issues and damage when they go unnoticed and you let them rest in their place for a long time. It is not an easy task to remove the ice dams. In fact it is very tricky to remove these ice dams. Therefore you should think and implement some alternative means in order to prevent the ice dams form being built on your roofs. An easy way to do this is to consult with a roof installation expert. This is the most ideal way of saving your roof from the ice dams. These experts can find out easy ways of removing these ice dams and will also be helpful in in repairing the roof if any such practice is required. You can take an appropriate action only when you comprehend the problem and reach to its basics. Only then you will be able to take proper action. Therefore you must be able to know what in actual an ice dam is and how it should be removed.

Description of an ice dam:

The place where an ice dam is built is the edge of the roof. The ice dams form on the roof edge in such a way that further drainage of water is blocked and water starts accumulating on the roof. Once there is an accumulation of water, it starts seeping into your home through the roof and eventually finds its way inside to the ceiling of the house. This is the extreme situation and nothing can be worse than it. The internal structure of the home is at the verge of damage in severe situations when the seepage of water reaches to its extremes. Sometimes the walls, insulations and ceilings are also damaged directly.

Removal of ice dams:

There are many ways to remove the ice dams from the roof edges so that the drainage of water may be made possible and the seepage and accumulation of water from the roof is prohibited. Most commonly people employ different chemicals in order to melt the ice on the roofs which accumulated in the form of ice dams. Powdered chemicals like calcium chloride can be used in order to melt the ice on roofs.

Another way is to manually remove the ice dams. This is done by carefully chipping away the ice while the melting water and snow find their way down to the drainage pipes and the obstruction is removed. Both these methods have their own pros and cons and a lot of care and caution is required in order to remove the ice dams from the roof. If you want to ensure the proper and careful accomplishment of the task, you can take the help of a roof installation expert. If even a small error is made and you do not remove the ice dams properly, you can face a huge damage to your roof.

Ways to prevent ice dams form forming:

If you want to save your time money and energy on removing the ice dams, you should pay attention towards the ways by which the ice dams are stopped from being formed on the roofs. In this regard you have to do a proper research work. First of all you have to know the reasons and conditions which favor the formation of the ice dams and curtail them in first place. Secondly you should be constantly checking on the accumulation of ice and snow on the roof so that as soon as it starts accumulating on the roof, you should install removal methods of these ice dams. If you properly insulate your roof and keep it cold enough not to let the snow melt, it will not run into ice and hence no ice dams will be formed. If your roof is damaged and beyond repair then in that case you really need to contact professional Roofing contractors in Trenton Michigan for a professional advice.

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