A Few DIY Tips for Furniture and Upholstery Cleaning


A home that is not cared for becomes unclean and unwelcoming. It can make its inhabitants unhealthy and depressed. Thus, vacuuming floors and cleaning spills is not enough. The furniture and its upholstery must also be kept clean, fresh and germ free. To keep them your upholstery in a perfect condition it is important to put together a good cleaning process.

Here are some simple DIY tips for furniture and upholstery cleaning that you can easily incorporate at home:

Choosing the right fabric

Choosing the fabric for your upholstery should be done carefully as it makes a considerable difference in its cleaning and maintenance. Thus, select a fabric that is easy to care for. It will make your cleaning process easier and prove to be a profitable investment.

Begin with dusting

You should start your cleaning process by dusting the upholstery thoroughly. While doing so it would be ideal to remove all loose cushions thus making it easier to clean all pieces of the furniture. Use a dusting brush and make sure to dust on all sides of the furniture including all crevices.

Vacuuming is essential

A regular vacuuming can do wonders in keeping your furniture as good as new. It enables you clean the dirt before it gets ingrained into the fabric. Even though it may not be visible to the naked eye dust and dirt accumulate on your furniture at an alarming rate. Therefore, vacuuming your upholstery once a week will keep the fabric clean and fresh. The cleaning routine also depends on the usage of the furniture. Using a mini vacuum cleaner is an effective DIY tip to keep your upholstery fabric free of dust and dirt.

Clean all spills immediately

A very important tip to keep your upholstery clean is to make sure that you clean every stain immediately before its gets imbedded into the fabric thereby causing a permanent damage.  If there is a spill, you must dab the stain with extreme care while using a white paper towel to do so. It will soak up as much of the stain as possible thus, reducing the amount being ingrained into the fabric. However, in order to rid the upholstery fabric of the stain completely you might have to go for a specialist treatment.

Cleaning your upholstery at Home

Brushing or vacuuming your upholstery removes the dust. However, for clean look you will have to use a proper cleaning solution. It is wise to use an upholstery shampoo with warm water instead of laundry agent because it may prove to be quite harsh on the upholstery fabric. To be sure your cleaning solution will not affect the fabric you must first test the solution on a small piece of the fabric. Once you are sure about the cleaning solution, you can rub the upholstery with a soft bristled brush to loosen the dirt.

Just recently I got a chance to visit my friend and I was surprised to see the way she had maintained her wonderful upholstery. She lives in of the many luxury flats in south Kolkata but it is the way she keeps her home and its furniture as good as new, which impressed me.

It is from her that I learned the fact that a good way to DIY Upholstery cleaning is to keep it from getting dirty easily. If possible then avoid eating or drinking around it too often. It will reduce the chance of spills and unwanted stains. Taking proper care of your upholstery will ensure that that it looks clean and lasts longer.

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