DIY | Clean faux Leather Couch Upholstery and other things


Faux means imitation of something, faux leather is not leather that is made from animals, thus it can also be called as cruelty free leather. It is not as pricey as real leather but has the same texture, same lustre, same tactile feel to it just as the real leather. Faux leather is used in many products such as upholstery in a sofa, dining-chair and other furniture, bags, shoes, and clothes. Faux leather much like any kind of fabric, faux leather dining chairs, etc. gets stained. And here under we are giving you the ways to clean faux leather Couch.

Step 1 – Direct first hand treatment on the stains

If the faux leather gets contaminated with liquids, vomit, food, or any other contaminant, make sure to blot it with paper towels as quickly as possible. This way, the stain to be cleaned is minimized substantially, thus saving a lot of cleaning time.

Step 2 – Make a mixture of Soapy Water

Follow these instructions to prepare soapy water

  • Fill half of any container with warm water
  • Now add good quality dish detergent to it
  • Mix well until it forms bubbles.
  • Don’t use harsh detergents as this may damage the material.

Step 3 – Wipe off the Stains

Get a clean, soft cotton rag, dip that in the soapy water mixture mix. Drain the fabric of excess water. Make sure to not allow water trails on your faux leather, as that would cause streaks. Now wipe the stains gently clean with the damp rag until the stain is removed.

Now after having done the above step. wipe off the leather with a soft, dry and clean rag afterwards. The point is to dampen the leather with only that much moisture to allow efficient cleaning so it can dry quickly to minimize the risk of damage.

While working on a vast surface area, rub on the stains one portion at a time; never clean a large portion all at once. Use the damp rag on a small area first and wipe it dry. Afterwards, proceed to the next spot, following the same procedure until the entire surface has been covered. This will ensure that the leather does not get wet for any long period of time. Letting faux leather stay wet too long may cause it to get damaged. For the same reason, you should never allow the leather to be saturated or soaked with water for a long time.

Step 4 – For Instant Cleaning Use Baby Wipes

What if you spill wine, or cheese or any staining edible on your faux leather upholstery during a party? Or just minutes before one? Here is what you gotta use – a wet wipe!

We recommend that you keep a pack of wet wipes handy and carry one with you while you travel. Experienced people will always recommend this for getting a Clean Faux Leather couch, as it provides an instant cleaning solution on the fly. Wet wipes or baby wipes contain just that much moisture that is needed to clean stains away, this while maintaining the required short dry time. This product is intended for delicate baby skin and is thus safe to use on delicate faux leather or even real leather in that case. Very expensive for larger areas.

Step 5 – The Final Step

This is the last step it is also optional step. But it is necessary if the faux leather material needs to be rebuffed. Spread a little amount of the polish on a dry clean rag and then use it to wipe faux leather surfaces.

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