How to disguise your lights and still get the most out of them


When you have lights both inside and outside of your home, you’re not always going to want them to be in the view of everybody else. Sometimes, you’re going to want to illuminate whatever you would like to have illuminated, without having to see the light fixture itself. Disguising your lights can be relatively easy, and you don’t have to lose any lighting quality by doing so. Lights that are exposed can be a bit of an eyesore, so knowing what kind of lighting can be easily disguised, and how to do it is important.

Types of lighting

The types of lighting that you choose when you want to disguise your lights is important. LED tape in the home is an extremely versatile form of lighting, that you can use almost anywhere. On top of this, LED tape and other LED lighting can be disguised quite easily. LED lighting can be used under cupboards, in cupboards, and almost anywhere in the home to really illuminate certain parts, without being seen. On top of this, LED lighting is exceptionally efficient, so you can get some of the best forms of lighting without causing your bills to skyrocket. LED lighting can be extremely easy to disguise, particularly when it comes to tape, as it can be placed under surfaces while still producing a good amount of lighting.


Ornaments are a great way to disguise your lights, particularly when you use them to intertwine lighting in and around it. This way, people aren’t focusing mainly on the light fixture, but on the beauty and the effect that the ornament creates, when it contrasts with the lighting. Whether you have a plant that lighting is intertwined with, a lighting ornament in the garden that is fitted with solar panels, or small lights combined with the mantel piece, there are plenty of ways that you can use lighting to both accentuate certain parts of the room, while being disguised. Whether you have a little cove in the bathroom with a piece of art that you want illuminated, or a vase in the hallway that you would like illuminated, ornaments can be a great way to keep the focus away from the lighting around it and more focused on the ornament itself.

Lighting Covers

Some lighting covers are a great way to reduce any glare or harsh fluorescent light from LED and other forms of lighting. These covers are a fantastic way to truly disguise your lights, while still ensuring that you get the most out of them. Just because they’re dimming the lights doesn’t mean that you’re losing any lighting from them – in fact it’s just protecting your eyes a little bit. When it comes to lighting covers, you can make ensure that they’re good looking and do not ruin the way they light up the room. Simple covers, or masks can truly help to keep your lighting looking good and out of the way, rather than an eyesore.

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