Discover The Unseen Issues That Can Ruin A Home Inspection


If you are purchasing a property you need to have the home inspected before you commit to purchase. It doesn’t matter if you are buying through a traditional real estate agent or looking at auction properties. You cannot rely on the mortgage company’s survey; this is done to confirm the value of the property and not the structural integrity. A home inspection will ensure you are aware of all the issues, seen and unseen, that can affect your decision to purchase.

Some of the biggest expenses of a building are the maintenance costs for unseen issues. 

It is important that you choose a company that specializes in home inspections and has all the latest tools at its disposal, including magnetic particle testing. This will ensure faults are discovered without damaging your home further 

Here are the most common issues.

Radon Gas

Radon gas is a natural gas that occurs in the ground. It is present in most places at very low levels and not a risk. However, if the levels are high, there is an increased risk of cancer, specifically lung cancer. It is easy to test for it and you should know the level before you buy.

Carbon Monoxide

This is a by-product of burning fossil fuels and can be deadly to humans. You cannot smell or taste the gas, but it is easy to test for.


Pests can cause a huge amount of damage to your home. Termites are of particular concern as they will eat through the wood in your home, potentially causing structural issues. Rodents can also be a concern as they can gnaw through electrical cables, potentially causing short circuits and increasing the risk of a fire in your home. Of course, rodents also carry diseases and multiply quickly. You will want to know they are an issue and have them dealt with promptly.


Most pipes are hidden in the walls of your home, making them difficult to inspect. However, there are two issues connected with plumbing that you should be aware of. The first is that older buildings may have lead pipes. Lead pipes were installed up to the mid-1990s but the lead leaches into the water and causes health issues.

The second issue with hidden plumbing is that it can be difficult to spot leaks. These can also be hard to trace and expensive to fix simply because they are hidden in the walls.

Structural Cracks

In most cases, you will be able to see a crack running across or down your wall. Any cracks over half a centimeter should be investigated further. However, it is possible cracks in walls and foundations are serious but not visible yet. A good home inspection will still detect these cracks and allow you to decide how to proceed.

It is worth noting that there are few issues with a property that cannot be resolved. However, the home inspection ensures you are aware of the issues and the costs, potentially encouraging you to renegotiate the price you are paying.

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