What Are The Different Wooden Ducks For Mother’s Day?


Getting a personalised wooden duck for Mother’s Day is something which will put a large smile on your mum’s face. She will be filled with gratitude at the fact you bought her such an unusual and thoughtful present.

There are lots of different ducks to choose from that will show your mum that she is incredibly special to you. Personalised Mother’s Day gifts are something she will treasure for ages, and the fact that they add a touch of style to the home is an added bonus. What types of wooden duck are there?

Natural Finish Ducks

The natural finish ducks are made from the bamboo root and they look incredibly rustic. The different shades of the bamboo root give each duck its own individual character and they can be carved into any position. They look extremely stylish and will be a welcome addition to any room in the house. Your mum will get a lot of compliments from visitors.

You can choose to buy individual ducks, or you could buy couples and families. The choice is yours, so pick the style that you think your mum will enjoy the most.

Natural Finish Welly Ducks

There is a humorous element to the ducks, especially if you buy ones which have been fitted with miniature wellington boots. This looks extremely cute and will put a smile on your mum’s face. You can choose from lots of different colours, so make sure that you give the ducks some boots in your mum’s favourite colour. She will really appreciate the thought that you have put into the whole thing.

Personalised Ducks

Everyone wants to give their mum a special message on Mother’s Day, so why not write a personal message on the side of a wooden duck. You can keep the message quite simple and short, or you might want to go into lots of detail. Personalised Mother’s Day gifts show that you are extremely thoughtful.

Themed Ducks

You can choose t buy a duck which has a specific theme. This will reflect your mum’s interests, so put a lot of careful thought into which duck you are going to buy. For example, you could choose some seafaring ducklings if mum has a particular interest in boats and sailing. You might also choose to buy a duck that reflects her profession such as a doctor or a policewoman.

There are dozens of different themed ducks to choose from, so take your time and select the themed duck that you know your mum will enjoy the most.

Vintage White Ducks

You can choose to buy ducks with a vintage finish. This gives them a look of sophistication, and they can also be fitted with retro spotted wellington boots as well. These ducks add a touch of class to any room in your mum’s house.

Pastel Ducks

The pastel ducks are painted with light colours and tasteful shades which make them look incredibly stylish all of the time.

You should take your time to buy the right kind of duck because there is such a huge selection to choose from.

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