The Different Types of Vi Spring Mattresses


If you need a new mattress, one great brand to consider is the Vi Spring Mattress. These mattresses are made entirely by hand using techniques that were first developed in 1901. These mattresses combine modern manufacturing methods and technology with excellent craftsmanship to create incredibly comfortable mattresses. These mattresses come in a number of different sizes and styles. With the right Vi Spring mattress, you’ll find that you get a great night’s sleep and are ready to face the day. Here are your different options.

Vi Spring Mattresses


Like most mattresses, Vi Spring mattresses come in a number of sizes. They include the standard single three-foot mattress and a four-foot-six double mattress. For couples or those who want much larger beds, you can choose from a king, super king, or emperor mattress. All of these mattresses use Vi Spring’s well-known support system that is designed to support your body in all of the right places.

The Traditional Vi spring

If you’re looking for an affordable replacement for your current bed, you want to look at the Vi Spring traditional mattress. This mattress may be the most budget-friendly, but that doesn’t mean it’s short on quality. On the contrary, this mattress is made using the exact same handmade methods that every other Vi Spring mattress does. It’s stuffed with natural fillings, too. Your mattress will feature expertly-crafted pocket springs topped with alpaca, cotton, cashmere, fleece wool, and silk. These natural fillings help protect the mattress from moisture, ensuring that you’re nice and cool no matter what the weather is.


Then there’s the Realm line of mattresses. These mattresses make use of a very fine filling directly under the surface of the mattress. This filling helps the mattress conform to your body shape. Once you get up off the bed, the filling rises and returns the mattress to its original shape. These mattresses are designed to cradle you at night and are quite comfortable.

Elegance Luxury

As the name suggests, this line of Vi Spring mattresses is even more luxurious and comfortable than the previous two. It features more than 1,400 different pocket springs for the best support, while the upper part of the mattress still moulds to your body.

Supreme Luxury

The next step up continues to add even more support. The Supreme Luxury line has more pocket springs than the Elegance Luxury mattress does, plus it features an incredible amount of natural fillings designed to keep you comfortable at night.

Imperial Luxury

Finally, there’s the Imperial Luxury Vi Spring mattress. This mattress is the company’s flagship product. It has 1,720 different pocket springs for maximum support. As far as natural fillings are concerned, the Imperial Luxury mattress has 12 layers. You won’t believe how much more comfortable the Imperial Luxury is when compared to others, even the Supreme Luxury model.

All five of these Vi Spring models are designed to last for years and to hold up to even the most rigorous use. For those who want to gain even more life out of your Vi Spring mattress, you can add a mattress pad between the slats of your bed frame and the mattress for additional protection.

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