What Are The Different Types Of Pallets That Are Used In Carriage?


Pallets are of different types and they help make life so much simpler for the transporter as well as for the people who are in the logistics business. The supplier and consumer benefit as well, as the goods are delivered undamaged and in pristine condition.

timber pallets

There are diverse types of pallets

  • Stringer Pallets: These consist of a frame which has parallel pieces of wood or timber which are placed. These wood or timber pieces are called stringers. These have a top deckboard which is fixed to the stringer. This gives it a structure. These stringer pallets are also known as two way pallets. There is a pallet jack that is used to lift these pallets, and so it becomes easier to lift heavy objects easily. This is not as stable and secure as four-way stringer pallets. The forklifts lift the stringer pallet from all four directions in the latter case and by lifting it that way it is more secure.
  • Block pallets are stronger than the stringer pallets, and they can be customized. In this kind of pallets, both parallel as well as perpendicular stringers are used and thus the pallet jack can be used on any side to move the pallet. The first is the double face reversible pallets – as the name suggests these are reversible and they also have faces. There are double face non reversible pallets and there are the single face pallets.
  • As per the pallet deck styles there are the flush decks, the double wing decks as well as the single wing decks. These are generally used in heavy industries and also by large-scale logistics companies. Also timber pallets are used in multiple ways.
  • Based on the kind of entry there are 2 way pallets which have un-notched solid stringers. In these types the forklift can pick up from two opposite ends of the pallet. Whereas the 4 way has pallets which have notched solid stringers, these allow the forklift entry to be done from both sides and from both ends.
  • Pallets are also classified based on the construction material. There are the softwood pallets. These are the cheapest and are to be discarded after the trip is done this is discarded along with the other trash which is there. These pallets are normally the two side lifetable pallets which are simple stringer ones. The ones which are made of hardwood blocks as well as those made of plastic are lifetable from all four sides and these are more complex. However, heavy duty pallets are those that have color coding depending on the amount of load that these pallets are able to take.
  • Wooden pallets are constructed based on the use which they are to be put to. There are pallets for general use, FDA, pallets for storage, pallets for chemicals, for export, based on the amount of load they need to bear, the type of wood also if the wood is recycled, hard wood, softwood or even kiln dried or even a combination of new and recycled wood. Nails or staples are used to hold the wood together, and wood is also a recyclable material which is used to make the pallets.
  • The new kinds of pallets are the plastic ones. These are made of HDPE or of recycled PET bottles. These are superior as they are not only durable but they do not rot, most chemicals do not have an effect on them nor do they get corroded. These are easy to stack and can be sanitized as per international shipping norms. These are extremely easy to clean. However, if used for heavy loads for long period, they tend to collapse.

Hence, there are multiple types of materials that are used to make pallets, and the rates of hiring or buying them vary accordingly. So, find your need for pallets with best quality today.

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