What Are The Different Types Of Knob That Can Be Fitted To Your Furniture?


You might be thinking of different ways to make your furniture look more attractive. Don’t think about replacing the furniture entirely. Instead, you should consider having decorative knobs fitted.

There is a wide selection for you to choose from and they are cost-effective, attractive and robust. It depends on personal taste which knobs you will buy, so it is a good idea to know all the different styles.

Glass Knobs

Glass knobs for furniture are one of the most popular choices that people make. These knobs look extremely attractive because the light reflects off them and make them sparkle. Choose quality glass for the knob so that they will not chip or crack.

When you have visitors to the house, they will not be able to take their eyes off the way the light is dancing off the glass knobs. This can make tired, old furniture look instantly more appealing. You will want to put glass knobs on as much furniture as possible when you see the radiant effect of the light.

Glass knobs are easy to clean because you will only need to wipe them down with a cloth to get rid of any dust that has accumulated there.

Ceramic Knobs

Ceramic knobs help to give furniture an antique feel. These types of knobs come in dozens of different patterns, so you will be able to inspect several before you make the final decision on which ones to buy. Floral patterns are extremely popular and they will put a smile on your face every time that you look at the furniture. You can complement the style of the knobs by choosing cushions with a similar pattern. This will give the entire room a unified theme. You could choose different ceramic knobs for different rooms in the house and then style the rooms in a similar way. This will create a dynamic contrast between different parts of your house.

Wooden Knobs

Glass knobs for furniture will give cabinets and cupboards an effortlessly stylish look. Ceramic knobs give furniture a vintage feel and are extremely pretty to look at. Whilst these styles are extremely attractive, you might also consider having wooden knobs fitted to the furniture.

Wooden knobs help to give furniture and cabinets a very rustic feel. You can leave the wood unfinished for a completely natural look. On the other hand, you might also consider painting the wooden knobs in a variety of different colours. This will create an eye-catching effect and you can always repaint over the wooden knobs if you want to have a completely different look for the furniture at a later date.

Metal Knobs

Metal knobs are extremely robust and they can give a door an antique feel.

Choosing the type of furniture knob that suits your taste requires some careful thought, so think about the style which will complement your furniture.

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