What are different kinds of shower heads?


Bathroom is a place where most of us get our spirits elevated after a long hectic day at work. This is where showers are of assistance. A refreshing shower before and after the work can set your mood.

The real question comes into play when purchasing the right shower heads. Choosing the right one can turn your daily showers into a luxurious experience. But with so many types available in the market, it becomes difficult for the customers to choose the best option. One can go over reviews on Shower Insider but here are some the details listed:

  1. Single spray

This is a shower spray that has been in used in bathrooms for a long time. This shower head has a concentrated, to the point flow with additional pressure. They make bath a much more comfortable experience since you can feel the water with more pressure. These types of shower heads are ideal for those who have a low budget and for small and medium sized bathrooms.

  1. Rain system

This option is becoming popular in the market gradually. Standing below this shower head is just like recalling the joy of monsoon seasons. The shower head has a large diameter which excretes water with light pressure. Such flow of water creates a calm and soothing effect.

  1. Handheld

If you are lazy enough to move around the shower to clean the soap on your body, then handheld shower heads are made for you only. It lets you stand in one place and finish your bath. You can even fix it on a mount if needed. This is a suitable shower head and very helpful if you have kids, pets or aged occupants at home.

  1. Shower panels

Body spray shower heads and shower panels are made to pamper their users. However, these are very expensive and can be installed in the bathroom if you are building it from the scratch or considering a bathroom remodel. The sprays or showers and fitted on walls giving your bathroom a spa-like environment.

  1. Ceiling mount

These shower heads are similar to rain systems but these are expensive options. The flow of water is over a large area and the spread is even. It is a luxurious option but can be a burden on your pockets. You even have to get the plumbing done properly.

  1. Sliding bar

If you family has a common shower, then this option is absolutely suitable for you. The height can be easily adjusted with these shower heads and is convenient for all ages whether kids or parents. It is a luxurious option to install if you can afford.


These were some of the shower heads that are available in the market. Each shower head has its own pros and cons. Balance them, and choose the best one that suits your preferences and objectives. Also consider how much maintenance each option will need. This way you can save on long term expenses as well.

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