Different Kinds Of Hoses Made By The Best Hose Manufacturers


Hoses are something that you will need in one form or the other in your daily life. The reason why there are so many different hoses out there in the market is because there are different uses for each hose. You need to understand that the hose used in mining work will not work for irrigation or fire fighting. They are carefully designed with different specifications which are required to provide particular and unique services. This is the reason why checking out hoses is all the more important now so that you can gauge the better.

Fire fighting hoses

The first hose on our list is the fire fighting hose which you will see being carried by the fire fighters when they are out there to douse a fire. These hoses have a different look to them and here are the reasons why.

  • High pressure: These hoses have the capability of withstanding high pressure because of the design based on the usual work pressure of nearly 2000 KPa. You will see them carrying different fire deterrents including water and foam.
  • Services provided: Apart from its conventional use which is controlling fire, you will see these hoses being used for crowd controls during riots.
  • Types: You will also see that there are different types of fire hoses available in the markets which have further specifications. One of the common hoses here is the forestry hose which assists the fire fighters to use in areas of rough and steep terrains.

lay flat bore hoses

Agriculture and irrigation

Another sector which is one of the biggest customer bases for hose manufacturers is irrigation and agriculture. Agriculture is the most common occupation in the world and watering the farms are an integral part of it. Here you will need hoses that are anti-corrosive to make sure they have better longevity.

  • Drip irrigation: An important reason for its popularity stems from the fact that it saves up on water usage. In these scenarios hoses that have a lower diameter are required. The hoses have to find ways to channel the water towards the root and need to have a design which will allow it to drip on to the roots. In turn this keeps the foliage dry. As a result, you will observe that the number of cases of fungal diseases is reduced.
  • Soaker hoses: Another hose which is immensely common in the irrigation world is a soaker hoses. They have the reputation of working well at lengths of 200 feet; but you need to remember not to use them on slopes. It decreases the chances of any water run offs which is very important for water conservation.

Bore water retrieval

Hose manufacturers also make hoses that are used for bore water retrieval. They are relatively easy to find, but you will need to check out the specifications carefully.

  • Unique product: One of the most common materials used for bore water retrieval is made from stainless steel. These are metallic hoses but these are flexible enough for raising water with great ease as well. The reason why these are used for this is because they have good physical strength and also anti corrosive features that make them perfect for the job.
  • Braid: It is not one of the most common features in a hose. However, it has been observed that on application of pressure; most of the hoses seem to axially elongate which is not good. In order arrest this problem you will find an exterior layer called the braid which not only arrests the aforesaid problem but works well to make the assembly pressure much more compatible. So, get numerous advantages of using the lay flat bore hose by choosing the finest Hose

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