What is the Difference Between Marble and Granite


When it comes to choosing the right stone for your home, many people choose between marble and granite depending on the decorating effect they want to achieve. Marble and granite are the two most popular types of stone and most commonly used in kitchens and bathrooms. Both of these stones are completely natural, but they have very different characteristics. However, if you are not sure what type of stone to choose for your home, Visit us and we will help you make the right decision.

Here are the main differences between marble and granite:


Marble is a synonym for luxury. The most luxurious and sophisticated restaurants and hotels in the world have marble installed on the floors, bathrooms and bars. It makes the place look elegant and there is absolutely no need to add other decorations. But marble is much more expensive compared to granite. So, the final decision will mostly depend on your budget.

Where to install marble?

It is a fact that marble does not respond that good when it comes to staining, which is why people avoid using and installing it on countertops. But we can see many homes, restaurants and hotels that have marble installed on the stairs. So, yes you can install it on the stairs, floors and bathroom. It will give a sophisticated and elegant look to your home.


Granite is a type of stone that is much more durable compared to marble. It is cheaper but that doesn’t have to mean that it is not as good as marble. Some people even think that granite is way better option than marble because of its quality characteristics. Granite doesn’t change its color when it comes to contact with liquids and the best thing is that it is resistant to scratches and staining. Granite is an excellent choice for countertops which will insure that you will be using it for many, many years. And the biggest plus and benefit for many people is that they will save a lot of money.

People love using granite because unlike marble it is available in many different colors and patterns and it can easily fit into the style of every home.

However, the decision depends only on you and your finances. If you are not able to determine what type of stone will fit best into your home, it is advisable to hire and interior decorated who will make sure that the right pieces of stone are installed on the right places in your home.

It should be noted that granite and marble installation is not that simple process. It requires a lot of time create the needed pieces and to install them properly. That is why you need to buy from an experienced and reputable company that will not cause any damages. Another thing you need to know is that marble and granite are stones that need regular cleaning and maintenance if you want to preserve the gloss and the clean look.

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