Detailed overview about corrugated metal roofing


The corrugated metal roofing is made from the corrugated metal sheets, which are widely used in the construction. It is type of a durable, non-friable and convenient during transportation inexpensive material, which is used for the construction of a large scale, and for the construction of business buildings, the cottages and apartment buildings. The main advantage of the corrugated metal roofing – is its price and durability. The corrugated metal roofing can last 50 years if there is a corrosion-resistant coating.

The main characteristics of the corrugated metal roofing, used in the construction

This is a very diverse material. The corrugated metal roofing made from cold rolled steel by – a flat metal sheet passes through the machine with rollers, which give it a corrugated shape. The corrugations serve as stiffening ribs for sheet, allowing it to withstand heavy loads and do not sag despite a little thickness.
Therefore, on a parity of performance characteristics, the corrugated metal roofing is virtually unmatched. It is water resistant, well removes moisture from the roof, does not require a large angle of slope of the roof, withstands a large snow loads and very easy to assemble. This can make even a layman, so the steel sheet is often used for country houses and individual constructions. And it can be transported by private car, and every person can easy handle with the installation.

The corrugated metal roofing consists of several layers: the base of the steel sheet; then to it should be applied the zinc coating; Further the phosphate anticorrosion layer is applied; Then the sheet is corrugated; the polymer coating applied to the outside.
Most often applied the polyester, matte polyester, plastisol and others. The color range includes standard red, green and blue, as well as metallic colors and more rare; to the inner side of the sheet applied a primer layer, then lacquer is applied.

There may be less quantity of layers, but then the workability deteriorates, so if you want to get steel sheets with the long service life, it is better not to save for the presence of galvanizing and coatings. It not only protects the steel from the external influence, but allows you to make a roof brighter. Moreover, the price of this material is low.

The quality of the corrugated metal roofing depends on the quality of the steel of which it is made, the height of the corrugations and the presence of the protective coating. The color of the corrugated metal roofing – it is just a matter of personal preference; the majority of manufacturers propose a wide range of colors.

The corrugated metal roofing has also different markings; the most of the features can be found in the letters and numerals.

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