Decorate Your Home with Awesome Canvas Prints


If you’ve just moved into your first home or just moved into a new home, odds are you have some blank wall space to fill. Given the costs of moving and getting set up in a new space, you’re probably in the market for some decor that’s personal, but won’t break the bank. Canvas prints are a unique, personal and budget-friendly way to do just that. If you have digital photos and a laptop, you’re halfway to making your new house a home, without making it look full of prefabricated pieces. These versatile pieces fit nearly every taste and can work somewhere in every space. If you’re in need of inspiration, check out the following ideas.

Wedding Photos

If you’ve recently gotten married, consider displaying your wedding photos on your wall as opposed to inexpensive frames or in an album that you’ll never look at. Canvas print displays of wedding photos allow for more creative liberty when it comes to traditional wedding displays. Instead of having a huge print of your wedding party, you could get smaller canvas prints of your close friends and relatives and center them on a picture of you and your partner. This way you can remember your special day more often, but still tastefully.

Family Collages

If you have a family, making a photo collage of important moments and fun occasions can be a great way to commemorate the time you spend together. You can showcase pictures of your children as they hit milestones in an arrangement that can grow as they do. Or you can simply put together your favorite candid photos of you and yours so you can always enjoy your day-to-day life together. The possibilities are endless.

Places to Go

If you don’t have kids or you’re simply not into having a bunch of people on your walls, perhaps gather a few canvas prints that showcase places you want to visit. If you’ve always dreamt of going to Paris, a site like Canvas HQ can help you put together stock photos of the city into eye-catching arrangements so you’ll be inspired daily to work toward the goal of one day going. Or you could even find photos of peaceful landscapes to give your living space a more relaxed, organic vibe.

Your Favorite Art (For Cheap)

One of the best reasons to spend an evening searching Pinterest for canvas print ideas is that whatever you find, you won’t be spending an arm and a leg. Canvas prints are incredibly affordable, so consider them a sneaky way to get some of your favorite, outlandishly priced art pieces and designs right in your own home. They look more organic than any touristy poster from the last time you visited the New York Metropolitan Museum of art, and they’ll certainly cost less than getting said poster framed. Also, they’re much easier to move around and transfer to a different home should you have the need due to the lightweight materials used to make them. Finding affordable, chic, easy-to-handle artwork is kind of a brass ring, decor-wise. Take advantage!

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