How to Deal with Increased Levels of Insects in Your Home


Insects can be extremely annoying as well as unsanitary, especially inside your home. Insects certainly appreciate any scraps of food they can locate, and because they don’t bother washing their hands before eating, they can leave behind a lovely trail of bacteria just for you to feast on. Luckily enough, there ways which can greatly help to reduce the number of insects in your home. Getting rid of insects in Australia, such as houseflies, can be cheapand entirely natural, without any risk to children, pets and your cuisine.


Should you want to eradicate flies from your home, begin by keeping your house clean. Try using orange, clove, lemongrass, eucalyptus or basil oil in your cleaning, simply because these oils deter flies. Make sure surfaces are wiped down and dry, and cover compost, waste, and plates of fruit or bread with a simple food cover. You should also strongly consider installing budget fly screens in Perth, on your windows, and installing screen doors so that you can air your home without inviting any insects in.


Also try repelling flies in other ways. Flies detest the smell of cloves, so try setting out oranges or apples studded with cloves. Not only will they smell lovely and look ornamental, these clove fruits can get rid of houseflies by making your house undesirable. Flies also don’t like basil; you may consider planting some basil in window boxes or a patch of basil near the front door to get rid of insects. If growing and taking care of plants isn’t your thing, simply go with the screens! offer top notch screens at an affordable price, guaranteeing insects in your home will be a thing of the past!


Often, even with these measures, you can still experience insect invasions, especially if it is cold outside or you have lots of tasty food around the home. You can try catching flies in a number of ways, ranging from the basic to the decorative. Sticky flypaper is a common tactic to get rid of houseflies. This sticky paper is covered with a fly attractant and the flies are simply drawn to it and then get stuck. Some companies add some fly poison so that the flies die instead of starving to death on the flypaper. You can also create your own cheap and non-toxic fly trap using a narrow necked bottle or a jar with a hole in the lid. Just use a sweet bait inside the trap, such as sugar water or sweets. The flies will just crawl in, and not be able to crawl out.


You can also get rid of insects and at the same time addto your interior furnishings, with carnivorous plants! Some of these plants do actually look interesting, and they are effective at killing off insects in your home. If this is not your kind of thing, simply think about getting some screens fitted and end of story! Screens on, insects out!

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