How Do Dart Valves Work?


There are dozens of different types of pipe that carry all kinds of liquid. From slurry pipes to mining pipes, each type needs to be carefully monitored in order to make sure that they are working properly and that there are absolutely no leakages. If the pipes spring a leak, then this can potentially cause a safety hazard. Shutting down the pipe whilst it is repaired by a qualified technician can cause lots of inconvenience for the company and may result in a significant loss of revenue.

There are several types of valves which can be fitted to pipes. One of the most useful and cost-effective valves to use are dart valves. People may be unfamiliar with this type of valve and the function that it performs. Anyone who is unsure about the role of these valves should continue to read this helpful article. They will learn all about how the valve works and why it is effective.

The Mechanics Of The Dart Valve

The dart valve is designed in a very specific way in order to ensure maximum efficiency and also to guarantee that the risk of it breaking is kept to a minimum. This means that costly and time-consuming repairs will not have to be carried out.

The main distinction between this type of valve and others is that it acts as a bodiless valve. They can be placed inside a slurry pipe or box. There are two different types of this valve.  One is installed as a single unit, whilst the other one is installed with a bolted-down seat cage. Both of these valves are designed to offer the maximum amount of control. Dart valves by Dual Valves are durable.

What Problems Will This Type Of Valve Help To Solve?

Pipes that have been poorly constructed and those that have been in use for a long time are in danger of showing lots of signs of wear and tear. The valves will be able to combat several problems at once, which will ensure that the pipe can remain fully operational without having to be shut down.

Shafts that bend or break will be fixed by the valve. This can also help to remedy pipes that have been subject to excessive wear. If the original valve has been misaligned with the shaft of the pipe, then this type of valve can be fitted in order to make sure that the problem is solved completely. Valves can bounce and vibrate if they have not been connected to the pipe in the correct manner.

Connecting this valve to the pipes will ensure that everything works correctly and that the flow of liquid can be controlled. These valves are extremely durable and will last a long time before they have to be serviced or replaced.

Hopefully, this guide has successfully explained the function of this valve.

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