Custom Pool Options


If you’re planning on building a pool, it stands to reason you’ll want to get all you can out of it. You’ll want a pool that fits your style, satisfies the family, and preferably wows the neighbors. No one wants an expensive project to eventually turn into a landfill, after all. Whether you already have some ideas for how you’d like to construct your pool, or you’re looking for expert advice, you’re in luck. There are great people out there like this swimming pool contractor in New Jersey who can help you start turning your dream pool into a reality. Here are just a few things to consider.

Shape and Water Features

These two qualities will be the ones you’ll want to consider first, as all the others will revolve around them. There are many possible shapes for pools starting with the obvious options like a basic oval or rectangular shape. You don’t have to settle for one of these simple options if you don’t want to though, as there are significantly more creative options. Whether you’re opting for an above ground or below ground pool, there’s no reason to limit your imagination.

Speaking of imagination, you can really let it run wild when choosing your water features. A basic pool without extravagant water features can certainly be a relaxing and fun experience, but this is your chance to take it to the next level. Even something as simple as a rain curtain or floating fountains can make lounging more relaxing and play more exciting. If you’re going for a more “natural” look for your pool, there are many great options ranging from waterfalls to gardens. While a garden might require more upkeep than most of these ideas, some people find gardening to be a relaxing and rewarding hobby which can greatly add to the value of your pool. And, of course, don’t forget exciting option like waterslides, which can be fun for all ages. Just make sure you’re working closely with your contractor to ensure any and all features added are safe and legal for your pool. After all, a pool is an expensive enough project without needing to get some New Jersey attorneys involved due to an oversight.


Swimming takes a lot of energy, so you don’t want to forget about refreshments. Luckily, there are plenty of options to choose from, including full outdoor kitchens equipped with a roof, grills, dining table, and more. If that’s a bit much for your taste, there’s always simpler options like setting up a grill in your pool area (you’ll have to watch out for rain, though). You could also consider some fun ideas like a swim-up bar. This would be extremely convenient for you or your guests to get a cold drink whenever you wanted. Just remember to stock up on some soft drinks for the kids.

On the topic of refreshments and relaxing moments, it’s worth giving some thought to the times when you won’t be in the water. Pool furniture is a simple, but easy to appreciate, addition. Obviously, if you’re including a grill, you’ll want to include a table. Lawn chairs are an affordable addition as well, although you could go with something a little different like a couch or hammock. Your investment in furniture will likely be determined by how many people you’re planning to entertain.

Get Ready to Party

Once you have the basic layout of your pool ready, you might think about adding some bells and whistles. It’s unlikely you’re considering a pool to float around by yourself, and you’ll want to make this a memorable experience for all involved. Who doesn’t love music at a party? You have a variety of options, ranging from speakers actually built into your pool to various waterproof products you can have floating around. Combine these with a wide range of LED pool lights, and you can turn a backyard barbeque into a rave.

Look to the Future

It’s also important to never forget that you can always make any of these additions later. Some of these discussed items can be pricey, and maybe you just want to start small at first. That’s perfectly understandable. Maybe you do go with some of these ideas right away, but imagination strikes you later, and you want to make even more additions. That’s fine, too. Your contractor should have no problem helping you renovate later down the line. It’s never too late to bring your imagination to life!

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