The Crucial Need for Home Decontamination in Montreal


If you live in Montreal—especially in the western suburbs—then there’s a strong possibility that your home has also been home to mice in 2016. It’s not enough that you catch them and get rid of them. You also need a professional service that offers decontamination in Montreal so that your home will once again be a secure and healthy place for your family.

More Mice in Montreal

In 2016, various exterminators are reporting record number of calls for their services. This is especially true in the western suburbs, such as Côte Saint-Luc, Verdun, Westmount and NDG. These places have older buildings and row housing, so there are a lot more space for the rats and mice to explore.

One estimate for the rodent population has pegged the number of rodents in Montreal at 4 million. That’s about 2 rats and mice for every person living in Montreal. Some of the experts even think that this is a conservative estimate. It may actually be closer to 4 or 5 rats to every person in the city.

The main problem was that the previous winter was just too mild. While that may have been pleasant for people, it was great for animals like rodents. More of them survived the winter. Add the fact that they can reproduce every 21 days and you have a booming rodent population

Dangerous Even When Gone

You have to get rid of mice and rats, as they can destroy your furnishings. They can bite people, contaminate food, and bring dangerous germs that can lead to sickness for your family.

However, it’s not enough that you get rid of them. Once they’re exterminated, the home must also be decontaminated as well.

These animals can leave droppings and urine traces that can lead to health issues to the people whose home they have infested. It’s been found that in 35% of homes, mouse urine can reach levels high enough to trigger allergies. People can also be allergic to mouse droppings, and this is just as common as an allergy to mold and dust.

The urine and droppings can also contain dangerous germs. People can get LCM (Lymphocytic choriomeningitis) if they breathe in the dust that has been polluted by mouse droppings or urine. This condition has the potential to result in arthritis and even deafness. Pregnant women can pass on the virus to their unborn child, resulting in the termination of the pregnancy.

Mice can get anywhere, and they can urinate on your utensils, plates, and coffee cup.

Why Decontaminate with Pros?

It’s very dangerous to undertake the decontamination process by yourself, since you can get sick. It’s better to let the pros handle it. Besides, they know all the likely places that rodents can hide in. They can also help you make sure that all the potential entry points for rodents are blocked.

Decontamination in Montreal is serious business so do yourself a favor and let the experts do what they do best.

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