Creating an Elegant Kitchen Design for Your Living Space


You can create a dream kitchen in your home that is both functional and beautiful. You just need to work with the right kitchen design company to achieve your goals. When you work with a design specialist, he or she has access to products and accessories featured by the leading makers in the UK.

That is why when you work with a designer and buy kitchen in East Dulwich, you have a lot of latitude. This type of flexibility enables you to create a space that is not only personalised but trend-setting as well. To make sure that your kitchen is functional, you need to start with a basic triangle work area. This geometric space will serve you well when placing your appliances and storage.

The L-Shaped Kitchen

The kitchen triangle makes it possible for you to lay out your kitchen so you can work in one of three zones for preparing the food, cooking the food, and cleaning. The triangle format can be incorporated into one of various kitchen configurations as well. One of these designs is the L-shaped kitchen. Not only does an L-shaped design provide a cook with a practical and efficient space in which to work but it usually opens into an adjacent room. Therefore, this type of design makes easier to interact with family members or guests.

The U-Shaped Kitchen Space

Whether you have a large or small kitchen, a U-shaped design offers the most versatility. This layout features both ample storage and continuing countertops surrounding the cook whilst he or she works. If you have a larger kitchen, this type of design is large enough to support the use of a couple of work stations. Therefore, two people can prepare and cook meals without getting in each other’s way.

G-Shaped Kitchens

G-shaped kitchens are an adaptation of the U-shaped kitchen design. This kitchen style provides storage and countertops that, as with the U-shaped kitchen, surround the cook on every side. However, a G-shaped plan is different as it also offers an additional wall of cabinetry or a peninsula. If you do not want to feel cramped when using this design, it is a good idea to add a pass-through bar in the kitchen space.

Straight and Galley Kitchens

A straight kitchen style is made for smaller kitchens. The work triangle incorporated in this design is more similar to a line of work zones along a wall. You can maximise the space by including pull-out pantries. A galley kitchen is yet another small kitchen style. This corridor design provides enough space for one cook. In this floor plan, each of the work zones faces one another on parallel walls, thereby creating a very small triangle space in which to work.

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