Create your own spa experience and discover what you’ve been missing


Let’s face it – if you’ve ever been to a spa or even head spa treatments at a health club or elsewhere, you know you’d love to be able to take advantage of such pampering on a more frequent basis. So why not create your own personal spa experience at home? It’s not as difficult as you might think and your body will love you for it. Here are some ideas to get you started – add in your own preferences and you’ll be enjoying a rather special spa experience in the comfort of your own home before you know it.

shower cabins

Spa essentials

Start with the basics, deep cleansing is a must and nowadays good quality shower cabins come complete with built-in speakers and a variety of music format capabilities which can help create just the right relaxing environment. Many also come with a steam function, body and foot massage jets, as well as a multi-functional showerhead allowing you to take advantage of a variety of showering effects, including simulated tropical rainfall, providing a unique and unbelievably refreshing shower experience.

Add-in aromatherapy

One of the wonderful aspects of most spas is the superb and soothing aromas which seem to permeate the air. You too can replicate this, either through optional aromatherapy pods installed in contemporary shower cabins or simply by strategically placing aromatherapy oils in your bathroom so that the scent they give off permeates throughout the room. Don’t forget to get yourself some specially scented soap such as lavender, lemon or cassia to really pamper your skin.

Get in the mood

We all know how important lighting is for setting the mood. There is nothing relaxing about a glaring overhead light fixture, fluorescent tube or similar lighting source, so why not really add to the spa-like feeling by using mood lighting. Either use the mood lighting installed in your shower cabin, or alternatively, fit a dimmer switch in your bathroom and use some cinnamon chai scented candles placed around the room to help set the mood for a relaxing and pampering spa experience.

Finishing touches

Don’t forget to include other spa touches to complete the experience. Superb quality white cotton towels are essential for that spa feeling, the finer the better and you’ll really appreciate them as you step out of your steam shower or relaxing bath. Cosset yourself in high-quality extra large Egyptian cotton towels and spa slippers for your feet. Add a glass of wine or a refreshing cleansing tea, and a mani-pedi, and before long you’ll begin to feel as if you really are in a spa.

With the hectic lives we all lead nowadays, it’s essential that we pamper and spoil ourselves as often as possible, not to mention just finding time to relax and feel special – so take some time and invest in your own personal spa experience at home. You could even invite a friend and make a girls’ night of it.

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