How to Create the Ultimate Romantic Setting


You might be about to pop the question, or would like to surprise your partner with an anniversary dinner at home, and the ambience is something to carefully consider. The sense we possess can all be utilised when creating a romantic setting, especially sound and smell, and with the right music and a pleasant aroma, you are already half way to creating the perfect romantic environment.

Know your Partner

When thinking of the right atmosphere, your partner’s likes must be factored into the equation. Their favourite smooch music would definitely help to make the mood ideal, and luxury scented candles in the right location will add a touch of class and elegance to the occasion. The menu is critical, as no matter how nice the setting is, eating something average isn’t going to light any fires. Make sure your partner will appreciate the menu, and splash out on champagne, as this never fails to put you in the mood for love.

A Romantic Ambience

What makes for a romantic setting? Basically, the right lighting and music, with some luxury scented candles, are all you need to accompany your witty dialogue and personality. Avoid turning on the TV, and let your partner take the lead with the music selection, as you want them to feel relaxed and happy. The lighting needs to be just right, and with dimmer switches and LED solutions, this should not be a problem.

Go the Extra Mile

This is to be a very important occasion, and it deserves your full attention, so consider the little things like a cool face towel, and it never hurts to ask your partner to taste the wine before pouring. Be as accommodating as possible without being too overbearing, and focus the conversation on your partner. Surprises are great, and if you are planning to pop the question, a top notch ring should be in your pocket, ready for the critical moment. If it is an anniversary dinner, make sure your partner is waited on hand and foot, and everything you need should be at hand.

Ambient Temperature

As basic as it is, many people overlook the room temperature when planning a romantic evening, and anything below 20 C is out of the question. The ideal temperature is 25 C, and with the right aroma, your partner will soon become relaxed. If your partner lives with you, move some furniture around and add some flowers, which will make the setting unfamiliar and therefore more attractive.


The success of the evening will largely depend on how prepared you are. Ice and her favourite drink should be in ample supply, along with a tempting dessert to finish off a wonderful meal. A cocktail or two before dining and a brandy or liqueur after dinner is perfect, and it won’t hurt to be a bit creative with your drink selection, as we all like to try something different.

With a little planning, the romantic evening should be everything you hoped, and a bit more, and with scented candles, you have the ideal ambience to pop the magic question.

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