Cool gifts for your boyfriend


I guess I’m a tad luckier than some girls as my boyfriend tends to voice his wishes more often than a regular guy. Currently, he’s obsessed with some Chinese smartphone brands, but since they’re not so cheap it’ll have to wait for a while. In the meantime, I might get him a reasonably priced trinket or gadget he may like. Even small tokens of appreciation that don’t cost all that much are sure to make your guy smile and know you are thinking of him. Some items are more expensive and worth the saving for the big days, such as birthday or anniversary. Still, others should be carefully chosen as well, despite the cost. Check out my personal favorites to get an inspiration for your man.


This may come across as unorthodox to some people, but the trend of beards is becoming more widespread around the globe. For this reason, we chose the set of conditioning oil and comb in dark, manly colors your Viking can use for his luxurious mane. It comes in variety of masculine scents like tobacco or wood.

Tattoo love

Hardly anyone today is without some little piece of permanent body art. If your man is a tattoo enthusiast or in fact a tattoo master, consider getting him a tattoo care kit. The combo of color-preserving cucumber, evenly moisturizing oatmeal and rosemary oil extract will make the washing and nurture of his tats easier than ever.

Game night paraphernalia

What we know for certain is that many guys out there have their favorite sports team, and what goes better with watching the game than a nice, cold beer. Complement it with printed stubby coolers, beer mugs and jerseys featuring their club’s crest. Fill the fridge with some good beer and your man will adore you.

Smart watch

Who knew there’s a watch that looks like a regular one but can actually track missed calls, show emails and texts and follow your exercise plan. All that is packed in a stainless steel frame with the sturdy Gorilla glass that’s also used for top quality phone screens. If you have a tech nerd who loves to exercise, and hates to leave his business responsibilities behind, this is ideal for him.

Music equipment

If your guy listens to music pretty much all the time, it might be a good hint to upgrade his earpieces and buy him some HF headphones that will boost his audio experience. An interesting twist on this idea is investing in water proof model that would release his inner shower-diva. Your neighbors may complain about it, but it’s definitely worth it.


Your boyfriend may me quite skillful with reparations in general, yet he can’t manage to comprise a proper toolbox. Consult with the professionals so you would get only the best essentials for handsy work. This list may include: claw hammer, Phillips screwdriver, flathead screwdriver, crescent wrench, tape measure, level, socket wrench, locking pliers, needle nose pliers and the inevitable drill, preferably cordless. The best you can do for a man who actually does something around the house is to reward him with awesome tools for it.

Handwriting to remember

Nothing says high class in office circles better than having your own special pen. Wooden or metal coating pen will forever place your guy among the big shots. It goes without saying that its ink also has to be top notch.

When making our beloved men happy is in question, we women spare no expense in picking out a perfect gift. After all, their smile and happiness can’t be priced.

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