Cooking Christmas Dinner – All You Need to Know


Christmas dinner – undoubtedly the meal of the year with mountains of veggies, succulent turkey piled up high and Yorkshire puddings big enough to eat your dinner out of. What’s not to enjoy?

Of course, if you’re the one creating the festive feast, you don’t want to be remembered for serving up a crummy Christmas cook-up.

However, not to worry, whether you’re cooking your first Christmas dinner, or you’re a seasoned expert, here are a handful of tips and tricks which can make the whole process ten times easier.

So, if you’re planning to cook up a storm this year but don’t know where to start, or simply want to know how to cut the workload in half, read these pointers:

Make your shopping list in advance

Christmas preparation is extremely important. With so much to do in so little time, it can be easy to forget about the tiny touchesuntil it’s too late.

One of the best ways to avoid this, is to begin creating your shopping list a couple of weeks in advance. This way, you can start adding things to it when you remember them, rather than scrabbling all the ingredients together at the last minute and missing out on a vital part.

As well as this, remember to order your turkey in advance before they sell out. There’s nothing worse than going to the shop to find the thing you need is no longer there.

Check your equipment works

One of the most overlooked Christmas dinner tips is to check your oven well before the day, to ensure that it works just like it is supposed to.

This means that if there are any problems, you will discover them in time to book an oven repairs service, rather than discovering a nasty surprise on the day.

As well as this, make sureyou have all the right utensils available for the job and that they are all working correctly, so that everything goes smoothly on the day and your stress levels remain as low as possible.

Run a dress rehearsal

Before cooking Christmas dinner, consider making a roast dinner a few weeks before Christmas.

This will mean that you either gain some experience in this area, if it is not something you have done often, or will hone the skills that you already have.

As well as this, you will make sure you know which ingredients you will need exactly, which will make preparing a list much easier and ensure that you don’t miss anything out!

Preparation is key

A handy tip is to make some of the food that you can the night before.

This can vary from small things, such as producing the sauces that you’ll be using, peeling vegetables and trimming the brussels sprouts, or bigger things like cooking the turkey the night before to reheat on the day.

Doing this will free up time for the festivities the next day, and make sure the mood stays upbeat and stress-free this Christmas.

Get help

Lastly, don’t be afraid to delegate some tasks to other members of the family, such as setting the table, and helping to plate up.

You could even ask guests to bring alongthe starters or a Christmas pudto help you out.

This will take some of the pressure off you, and encourage the sense of family togetherness over the dinner table, which is what Christmas is all about, after all.

There you have it, a few tips to make Christmas dinner just a little bit quicker for you, while still as tasty as ever, meaning that you can tuck-in without the stress!

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