How to Convert an Attic or Basement into a Loft


If you have extra space in your home, you might want to put it to better use. Those with expanding families often want to turn their attics or basements into living space. If you don’t have anyone who actually needs that space at the moment, you might want to create a guest room or even an apartment. If you can convert your attic or basement into a quality loft, you can register as a landlord and begin renting out the space. However, converting an attic or a loft space isn’t always easy.

There are difficulties you are bound to face when you attempt to convert a loft. The main problem would be providing for all of the different utilities and amenities that are required of a true living space. The best option is to hire Kent builders who are skilled in loft conversions.

Utility Expansions

A fully self-sufficient loft needs to have power and water. If you do not already have pipes running to your attic or basement, your builders will have to expand that functionality. Such an expansion will require shutting off your gas and your water for a certain amount of time and doing work inside the walls or the floor, which can be very disruptive to your daily life. Therefore, it’s important to hire quality builders for this type of project.

Quality builders will be able to expand your utilities quickly and effectively. They’ll disrupt your life as little as possible while they make the necessary upgrades.

Preparing the Space

Preparing the space is important as well. Attics and basements are often poorly insulated. In the case of a basement, they are insulated too little. In the case of an attic, they are likely insulated too much. Your builders will need to adjust the amount of insulation to make effective climate control possible.

Builders can convert many spaces into lofts. You should call a talented team to see if your space is a good fit.


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