Common Types Of Mattress


Sleep quality does not only depend on how you sleep and how you set the mindset before sleeping, but it is also about how comfortable your mattress is. Some people also agree that the quality of mattress also influence the quality of sleep, even with some technology, there are beds that can help for therapy or good for things like improving body.

The problem is when it does not meet the budget but it is okay as long as you have prepared the plan. There are many types of mattress but it’s just a few people that only see the pros and the cons. As there have been many types, it is not easy to find which mattress that can fit your body. Some people love to have foam mattress, spring mattress and else.

It depends on the personal preference because nothing can guarantee that everyone is suitable for all of the kinds of the mattress. Some of them even have certain allergy to recent kind of mattress like in Asia; granary barn has been common for the mattress but the dust and the air from that can make the allergic. Then, what are types of the mattress?

  • Foam mattress may the most common one, but it also comes first before the spring bed comes. The only con that comes with this type is that durability that is not too good, and it also has hotter temperature so when summer, this bed may not be comfortable for sleep
  • The second is spring that can be more durable and somehow comfortable than foam one. This mattress is most popular one, and it is made of foam and spring, so the more springs will enhance the quality. When it has been too long to use, the spring may be worse and not comfortable anymore
  • Memory foam mattress is made of viscoelastic, and it is made for holding heavy weight. This type is the most durable mattress. The first invention of this mattress is for astronauts that have heavy weight when they have come to space and when it is made for mass, this bed is the best and popular as the quality is so high and the comfort is so good.
  • Latex mattress may become the best mattress per review site as it has the best air circulation in any kind of room, it also has the best durability and it can be for years to use latex. Although, the quality is the highest but latex comes with problem too. It is so heavy so it will need well-structured bed frame for it. Another problem may be about the price that is too high for some people. They need to reconsider which mattress that is under from latex but it’s better than spring bed.

That’s all the types of mattress you can choose. There is nothing to think hard when you can choose what might fit to your budget and need. Don’t force too much and think about your budget, time and saving before you choose the mattress.

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