Some Common Drain Services


There are several different kinds of drain services that you might need throughout the lifespan of your pipes. In most homes, the water comes from a water main and is dispersed to different fixtures all over the house. Then, the wastewater is collected in the sewer drain. The water main and the sewer drain tend to run underground, which exposes them to several different dangers. The dangers include roots, erosion, and decay. If any of that occurs, you need drain services as soon as possible. These drains can also be the subject of simple blockages.

Drain Blockage

A drain blockage can come from many different sources. Typically, a blockage means that something has gone down the drain that shouldn’t have; the most common way this happens is if someone flushes something they shouldn’t. If that happens, you need simple drain cleaning in Dover. However, it is also possible that your drain problem could be due to possible corrosion or decay in your pipe.

Your pipes are made from substances that are supposed to be resilient and resistant to corrosion and rust. Typically, that means they’re made from galvanised steel. However, that does not mean your pipes are immune from damage. They can be damaged by the chemical composition of your water, especially if you have hard water. Alternately, if you use harsh cleaning chemicals that happen to go down the drain, it can corrode your pipes somewhat. Having that occur can cause your pipes to become rusted and rough inside and unfortunately form better environments for sewage to become stuck to the sides of the pipes. Such sewage buildup will eventually cause a blockage.

Root Problems

Roots can pose as another serious problem for your pipes. Tree and shrub roots spread out in search of water. If your pipes are leaking water in any way, the roots will move towards them. As the roots grow around the pipe, they’ll begin to constrict the pipe and will either push the pipe or begin to squeeze it. Either option will lead to your pipes being ruptured. A ruptured pipe will leak water all over your garden.

Ideally, you will call a professional before the roots become so serious that they are damaging your pipes. However, if you don’t know where your pipes are, you might not know how to identify this type of problem. If you’ve never had a plumber come to your home and inspect your pipes, you should. Doing so will give you a good idea about the current state of your pipes as well as the location of the pipes. That way, you’ll know where you should and shouldn’t plant shrubs.

These are just two of the most common ways that pipes become damaged. They can also be damaged by storms, shifting ground, erosion, and other factors. If you have any reason to believe your drains are damaged, you need to call a professional to come out to your home as soon as possible.

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