Commercial Air Conditioners: The Information You Need to Know Before Arranging an Installation


In light of a recent exposé distributed by the Environmental Change Institute at Oxford University, Britons have to start getting accustomed to milder winters and hotter summers.

Nine out of the ten muggiest summers with the highest recorded average temperatures have actually come over the past 15 years, which means that we are approaching the crux of a significant environmental transformation; one that has the potential to increase the number of heat-related casualties per year by almost 300% according to the Environmental Audit Committee. If you need more advice on AC inspections click here.

As such, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find out that commercial organisations are beginning to adapt to the changing climate. Nearly 70% of office buildings in the United Kingdom and 34% of retail establishments now have some integrated air conditioning system, and these figures are expected to surge considerably over the next several years.

The Pivotal Role of Adequate Air Conditioning

Irrespective of whether you’d like to implement an AC unit in your conservatory, storefront, office building, industrial unit, storage centre, or any other kind of facility, you can book an individualised, economical installation by merely reaching out to your local air conditioning installation company in Bristol. Before scheduling your consultation, however, it’s worth your while to learn how an AC system can enhance your daily operations, improve everyone’s morale, and give you a competitive edge in today’s landscape:

  • The latest research from the Building Research Establishment found that nearly 60% of office personnel in the UK complain about uncomfortable, inadequate workplace temperatures, which is particularly problematic when considering that the average person will exhibit a 2% decline in productivity for every 1°C above 25°C.
  • Because abnormal humidity levels can damage your electronic equipment, computers, and other integral mechanisms, the vast majority of entities that rely on high-tech gadgets are turning towards their local AC specialists to avoid expensive equipment replacements. Modern AC units ensure proper moisture levels regardless of the environment in question.
  • Analysts from the PwC accountancy firm have concluded that employers in the UK waste roughly £30 billion per year on absenteeism and sick days, which denotes a sizeable 14% increase over the nonattendance rates recorded in 2005. With these figures in mind, it’s worth noting that AC units can reduce the pervasiveness of harmful mould, irritating mildew, illness-inducing bacteria, and other contaminants that tend to decrease the overall health of a given workforce.

It’s plain to see that air conditioning is quickly becoming a fundamental necessity nowadays, a utilitarian solution that can address a wide range of impediments and hindrances. To boot, contemporary AC appliances are also more energy efficient than ever before, and they can run silently without causing any disturbances.

Meet With an F-Gas Registered Company to Begin the Process

Even if you don’t have much wiggle room regarding your available capital, it makes a lot of sense to obtain a complimentary, no-obligation quotation from your local experts.

All it takes is a single site visit with an accredited ventilation maven to attain a clear picture of the fees, timeline, and requirements of an air conditioning implementation, so don’t delay or turn a blind eye to the air quality in your facility; get the facts today.

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