How to clean travertine tiles


Travertine stone is an attractive and useful type of tile which is frequently used in home remodeling projects today. People use it for countertops, floors, showers and many other areas in their homes. If you want to preserve the beauty and unique properties of travertine tiles, you need to take proper care of them. The good news is that it is much simpler to clean travertine tiles compared to many other stone tiles. Now let’s see how exactly people can clean these tiles.

To start with, you must be sure that the travertine tiles are properly sealed. This is something that you should check and fix every year. If they are sealed well, you will protect them from damage caused by dust and dirt.


Next, whenever you spill something on the travertine tiles, don’t wait for the liquid to dry – wipe that spill right away. The fact is that spills that are not wiped and left on this material will cause significant damage to the tiles and this is especially true when we are talking about acidic liquids.

It doesn’t really matter whether we are talking about travertine floors, showers or countertops, people must use a neutral cleaner or a stone soap when they are cleaning these surfaces. According to many experts, the best idea is to utilize a clean mop, cloth or sponge to clean the travertine tiles. In addition, you should not use any of these items intensively because you can create streaks.

In order to avoid damages, it’s the best idea to place coasters under the glasses and bottle left on travertine countertops. As we said before, the liquid has a negative impact on travertine. When it comes to travertine floors use mats and rugs. Obviously, the places with high traffic need these mats more. The reason is simple – all the dust, dirt and debris from the shoes can easily scratch the travertine tiles. The floors must be cleaned with a dry mop regularly.

Of course, not every cleaning product is adequate for cleaning travertine tiles. For example, you should never use vinegar or cleaners that are even a little bit acidic. As previously mentioned, travertine is a material that is quite sensitive to acidic compounds. Generally speaking, ordinary commercial tile cleaners are usually not good for these tiles because the vast majority of them contain acid. There are specialized cleaners for this sensitive material.

Furthermore, people should not leave spills since travertine is a very porous material and these spills will get stuck on the tile’s surface causing damage in the long run.  Finally, you should avoid leaving bathroom cleaning products on top of travertine tiles because of the acid they contain. Even a small spill can lead to serious problems.

Finally, it’s a smart idea to call professional floor cleaners every once in a while because they can perform thorough cleaning without affecting the integrity of your travertine tiles. Cleaning travertine tiles is not very difficult, but you must follow these tips to make sure that your tiles will keep their beauty and properties.

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