How to clean your queen sized memory foam mattress


Memory foam holds considerable amount of water due to which it’s often tough to get it dried.  You may achieve the best results by utilizing this method when you don’t get your queen size mattress memory foam drenched unnecessarily. You must do a bit of extra work to shed water, but it actually pays off when you get an effective solution for removing odor and stain.

Things that seem necessary:

  • A clear spray bottle
  • Hydrogen peroxide worth 1 quart
  • Baking soda worth ¼ cup
  • Bowl or bucket
  • Liquid soap for dishwashing worth 1 tablespoon

Stain Removal Steps:

Follow the listed measurements while creating your mixture of dishwashing soap, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. Don’t allow more suds than what you witness while mixing them lightly in your bowl or bucket.

Keep this solution within your spray bottle. The solution that you created needs to be sprayed over the stain. When it comes to treating the heavier stains, you’ll need more of your solution to be applied. You might need to try this when the foam gets soaked with urine stains. Spray over the surface by as much as you find it to be necessary.

Keep the wet spot on your foam pressed downwards in order to ensure a deep and thorough cleaning. It will help in distributing your cleansing liquid throughout the stained portion.

Don’t cover the stained portion and allow air to flow through it. In order to ensure a fast drying up of the wet spot, you’ll need to wait for a few hours time.

You may even consider vacuuming the mattress with the help of the upholstery attachment in case you’re left with a small portion of baking soda.

A few good tips

The surface of the foam may turn discolored when you apply a bleaching agent like peroxide. Opt for a spot test if you’re bothered by even a slight discoloration of the material.

Your mattress can be dried up faster when you follow a few quick tips. The wet area can be blown over with the help of a fan. Both heat and air may be applied over the wet area with the help of a hair drier. You may even place a clean towel over the wet spot for absorbing moisture while applying the fan or hair drier. At the same time, you must wait for an hour so that the solution gets time to work over the wet area.

Make sure you cover the wet area with a thick towel in case you need to use the mattress before it dries up entirely. Once you wake up, the bedding has to be stripped back so that the wet area gets exposed to air again. Till the time the spot gets dried fully, you shouldn’t apply the mattress protector.

The surface needs to be misted lightly and exposed to air for general cleansing. Misting is the first thing that you should try in the morning if you need to use the mattress on a regular basis. Also make sure, you keep it under the fan all through the day.

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