Choosing the right Worktop for Your Kitchen


Choosing the right kitchen worktop keeping in mind the constraints of budget, practicality, durability and style is a tricky decision as the worktop needs to fit into the kitchens overall style and be scratch proof, low maintenance as well as adaptable to changes in temperature to tolerate everything from hot pans to cold jugs. Read on for some simple tips to choose the perfect worktop for your kitchen.

Worktops are the most visual and important part of any modern kitchen, and almost the entire look of the kitchen can be changed by simply replacing the kitchen worktops. With the wide range of options available for worktops, customers can choose the material that meets both their needs and budget effectively, all while being easy to maintain and attractive in appearance.

Factors to be considered while choosing a worktop

Careful amounts of time and energy must be spent analysing the following factors to pick out a worktop ideal for a kitchen and its many purposes:-

  • Budget

This is the foremost factor that varies from person to person and kitchen to kitchen and has reasonable implications on whether a low cost laminated kitchen worktop is the more obvious choice rather than a moderately priced solid surface worktop or an expensive glass worktop.

  • Resistance to Scratches and Stains

The kitchen worktop is most prone to mess while cooking and scratches while using knives and other sharp utensils. While mess and stains in the kitchen are unavoidable, the worktop chosen should be such that it withstands these and is easy to clean and maintain while being cost effective.

  • Durability

Since kitchen renovations do not take place very often, it is imperative to ensure that the material chosen for worktops is durable and adds indefinite beauty to the kitchen.

  • Choose the right material

There is a wide range of worktop material available in varying budgets, colours, designs, etc. Choose the right material based on your lifestyle, budget and kitchen furnishings.

     5) Laminate Worktops

These are very cost effective, durable and if treated correctly last for many years. They need extra care in terms of not using the worktop directly to cut vegetables and fruits, avoid placing hot vessels on the worktop, etc. but are generally easy to handle and available in a range of surface finishes.

     6) Worktops made from solid wooden surfaces

The use of this material gives the kitchen a rich, contemporary yet countryside classic look. Oak and beech are the common materials used due to their strength and durability.

     7) Worktops made from stones like granite, marble, etc.

These are the most commonly used kitchen worktops as they are extremely durable and can withstand both high and low temperatures effectively. The same material can be used in varying thicknesses and colours for shelves, slabs, etc. so it affords design continuity to the kitchen.

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