Choosing the Right Window Frames for Your Home


One of the most common upgrades a homeowner will make to their property is switching out the windows. From increasing the energy efficiency of the home to improving its appearance, replacing the windows of a house is a great investment.

The problem most homeowners face, however, is a question of what type of frame is most suitable for their home, their environment, and a variety of other factors. We have laid out exactly what you need to know about window frames below.

Exploring Your Window Frame Options

No longer is wood the only frame option available. Now there are more than five commonly used window frames on homes, each with their own set of pros and cons.

The Wooden Frame

This classic frame is superior in terms of insulation and is always gorgeous in appearance. The only problem with this type of frame is that they are more prone to rotting than any other kind. If a homeowner does not choose the right type of wood or does not properly maintain it, the wood will not last for more than a few years. Those who live in a humid or rainy climate should also strongly consider using another type of frame, such as an aluminium frame, for their home.

The Aluminium Frame

The second most common frame for homes is the aluminium frame. Homeowners often feel wary about choosing this type of frame because, as it is metal, it is not the best in terms of insulation. With that said, when paired with the right type of glass, an aluminium frame can still be an energy efficient choice for the home. An aluminium framed double glazing window can maximise your ability to reduce heat transfer and loss, and it is suitable for rainy areas, humid areas, and those which are prone to hurricanes and stormy weather.

aluminium windows

The Vinyl Frame

The most economical choice for homeowners is the vinyl frame. This budget-friendly frame ranks amongst the best in terms of energy efficiency, though most homeowners come across two purely aesthetic issues with this frame:

  1. a) This type of frame is limited in its colour options, and
  2. b) Many homeowners simply do not like the appearance of vinyl in their home.

The Composite Frame

Maintenance-free and eco-friendly, composite window frames are growing in popularity across the UK and the EU. This type of frame is formed from scrap wood shavings and leftover plastic resins, and has the ability to mimic the appearance of real wood. Because it is a fairly new type of frame, however, your options are limited.

  • Fibreglass frames are often included in the composite frame category, though this type of frame is made of a mixture of polyester resins and glass fibres. They are more expensive than composite frames yet are the most durable type of frame on the market and are very energy efficient.

The Wood-Clad Frame

The last type of frame we will talk about today is wood-clad windows. Boasting a low-maintenance exterior such as aluminium and a wooden interior, these frames are both gorgeous in appearance and energy efficient.

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